No, those aren't weedy lawns, they are ecological lawns, also known as EcoLawns.  What's an EcoLawn? It is an alternative to conventional formal lawn, combining grass, clover, and other blooming plants that requires less irrigation and maintenance. We have been experimenting and promoting EcoLawn for years, and with increased water costs and growing interest in pollinator habitat, EcoLawn is becoming a great option for conversion.


Although not necessarily appropriate for all locations, these mixtures can enhance a site's sustainability and reduce long term irrigation and maintenance costs. These ecological lawn mixtures can produce a green cover with reduced  mowing, fertilization irrigation. The result is a low maintenance alternate to manicured turf. This is probably not a good choice for high profile areas on a property, but could be appropriate for perimeters and roadways.


In addition to reducing irrigation and maintenance costs, ecological lawns are also great and improving pollinator habitat. We're very excited to help our customers reduce their water and maintenance costs, and improve pollinator habitat. Let us know if you would be interested in this on your property.

Tuesday, Bob Grover and  Account Manager Glenn Armstrong toured sites where we have been experimenting with ecological lawns with retired OSU Turf Professor Tom Cook. Tom revolutionized the early development of ecological lawn mixtures and has been a resource for us. He is helping solidify our lawn conversion procedures along with maintenance practices that help maintain the positive visualize appearance while helping maximizing the potential long-term maintenance savings. We look forward to the day when EcoLawns become mainstream and thank Tom and OSU for assisting us in our development of this sustainable landscape management option.

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