Ecolution Collective #1C: Food, produced by Minnesota Women's Press
The Food System: Big Picture
Minnesota & Hunger Relief

Minnesota has a deep history of being part of solutions around hunger and food security.

Historic moment: 11 million people in Belgium and northern France were starving because of World War I. A humanitarian relief effort raised millions in private donations, food, and medicine. Much of the food aid included wheat flour from Minnesota, which quadrupled its grain production and flour mill output. The flour mill on the Mississippi River built by Washburn-Crosby Company (known today as General Mills) could produce enough flour in a day to bake 12 million loaves of bread. Ultimately, famine relief from the U.S. fed more than 100 million people through Europe between 1914 and 1923.

Virtual Event: A selection of historic thank you letters from children in Belgium will be on virtual display at the Mall of America; the opening at noon on October 12 will feature comments from diplomats and historians. Register here.

Source: Mark Ritchie, Global Minnesota
The Twin Cities Mutual Aid map lists over 250 organizations and sites, updated daily by volunteers, providing a simple way to learn about community needs for donations and supplies. Details:

Minnesota Central Kitchen brings together restaurants, caterers, and hunger-fighting organizations to tackle hunger and service-sector layoffs brought on by the pandemic. Donations are being matched by Medtronic.
Q&A: Food Security
1 in 8 Minnesotans
will experience food insecurity this month, including 112,000 children

— data from McKinsey & Co, collected on behalf of Second Harvest Heartland

What solutions have you seen around the state that are improving supply lines between healthy foods and those who need access?

Do you work with data or research that illuminates this issue?

Reach out to with "food security" in the subject line.
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