Spruce Grove Alliance Church at 250 Century Road continues to expand their footprint with a $6 million expansion. The new "Community Life Centre" will connect to their current building.

This will create a facility of 56,500 SF, consisting of 32,000 SF of existing space and 24,500 SF of the new build. The project also includes necessary utility upgrades, paving of their parking lot, and improving curb appeal.

The larger, purpose-built space will allow the church to reach more children, youth, and families by adding new and expanding existing programs, which are currently limited by the capacity of the building. The church will also be able to continue to host community events and provide services, such as federal and provincial voting stations, divorce care courses, addictions counselling - and to make space available to community groups.

"Our purpose for expanding Spruce Grove Alliance Church is to meet the needs of the whole person - for every generation." - Henry Banman, Board Chair

The church anticipates opening the new space in 2023, and looks forward to hosting an open house to welcome the community to see what has been built and how they can be a part of it.
The expansion project has benefited greatly from the generosity of volunteers and community partners. If you are interested in supporting the project or to learn more about it, click here or phone (780) 962-4700.