Country Stone Distillery
Located at #138, 485 South Avenue, Country Stone Distillery is Spruce Grove’s first local distiller. Using a sugar cane base and locally sourced ingredients, owner Dwayne Bizeau and his business partners Yuya and Anna Inaba have crafted their own recipes.

Products include Red Barn pure and garlic vodkas, Country Stone white, spiced, and chai ruhms, and Top of the Morning coffee liquor. The sampling room allows guests to taste before they buy. Products can be purchased from Country Stone, and will soon be on liquor store shelves.

Intensity VR
In addition to the distillery, Dwayne and his wife Shelley MacDonald expanded On Par Golf to include Intensity VR, opening soon at #144, 485 South Avenue. This family-friendly, licensed gaming centre occupies 3,500 SF and offers a full menu, multi-purpose party room, and plenty of parking.

Intensity VR, a virtual reality gaming space, will offer individual rooms equipped with Valve Index headsets and a free roam space equipped with Oculus Quest 2 headsets. Virtual escape rooms add even more family fun and entertainment. On Par Golf features simulated golf courses from around the world, with one offering hockey, soccer, bowling, laser shooting and more.

"With Spruce Grove growing so quickly it is a natural place to start doing business and we are grateful for all of the support from the citizens."
- Dwayne Bizeau, Owner