What’s all the BUZZ about? Bee Maid Honey is expanding! Located at 70 Alberta Avenue, the Bee Maid (Alberta Honey Producers) facility will grow by over 56,000 square feet with the addition of two new phases.
Valued at approximately $8 million, the two expansions will increase Bee Maid’s total footprint to just over 128,000 square feet. With construction underway, both phases are scheduled to be complete by end 2023 and expected to be operational by early 2024. The South Phase will be the new Bee Supply Division and expanded retail storefront and the West Phase will be the new Bottle Blowing (Manufacturing) Department.
Bee Maid is transitioning a portion of their raw honey intake and storage from drums to larger bulk totes and installing a new honey melt oven. By moving part of their operations into the south and west expansions, much needed space within the main facility will be created for honey storage, moving, and processing.  
Currently, Bee Maid employs 35 people and the expansion will allow more room for staff to operate more efficiently and to accommodate future growth of storage needs.
"We are very proud to be investing in our facility here in Alberta, where some of the world's best honey is produced."
ο»Ώ- Guy Chartier, Chief Executive Officer, Bee Maid Honey