The Madison Region’s highest rankings in employment and location quotients are found in medical scientists, microbiologists, and biochemists and biophysicists. Average wages rank highly as well for microbiologists and biochemists and biophysicists. However, wages among chemists, electrical engineers and medical scientists are disproportionately low. Relatively lower wages among bioscience occupations in the Madison MSA are also found among many other occupations when compared to the national average. Some of these differences may be due to cost of living differences, but many lower cost of living metro areas pay higher average wages than those found in the Madison MSA. Some of these differences also could be attributed to the presence of UW-Madison producing a large amount of local talent which allows firms to recruit locally rather than having to offer greater wages to attract talent from elsewhere. Regardless, these differences should be further considered when assessing the competitiveness of the Madison Region relative to other metro areas with high concentrations of bioscience industries.