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Developers looking at CT suburbs, Shoreline for new apartment projects
Much of the focus of residential developers building apartments in Connecticut in recent years has been on the state’s urban centers: Stamford, New Haven and Hartford — cities with restaurants, services, commuter rail service and entertainment venues, with many of the apartments within walking distance.

But over the past two years, interest has grown in building apartment complexes big and small in New Haven’s suburbs and beyond. The latest evidence of that trend is “The Bradley,” a 30-unit apartment complex on Bradley Road in Madison. Read More
2020 Decennial Census: Data Release Schedule
In 2020, CTData focused on ensuring a complete 2020 Census count in Connecticut through efforts such as tracking town and county response rates and providing resources to increase response rates in communities. Now that the data collection process has been completed, many of us are awaiting the release of 2020 Census data. Unfortunately, Covid-19 has pushed back many of the previously anticipated data product release dates.

CTData attended the 2021 State Data Center Annual Conference, which provided some information regarding 2020 Census data releases. This post will detail what we know and what information is yet to be released. Read More
Plans for a future age: Project launches ‘Yale-o-nauts’ into zero gravity
On a recent flight, Yale student Paul Meuser turned his head to the side and saw his fellow passengers floating about the cabin.

“That image will stay with me,” he said.

Nothing was amiss. Meuser and two Yale School of Architecture classmates were aboard a zero-gravity parabolic research flight, which emulates gravity-free conditions in an aircraft, testing prototype items that they had created as part of a course, “The Mechanical Artifact: Ultra Space.”

The course, offered this spring by the Yale School of Architecture, asked students to consider how humans might prepare for the lived experience of space.

“An amazing experience,” Meuser said of the flight, which completed 20 parabolas simulating lunar, Martian, and zero gravity (zero-g). “It provided valuable new perspective.”

For the course, students were encouraged to imagine an architecture for a new Space Age in which humans populate the moon, Mars, and orbiting outposts. They conceived, designed, and fabricated “artifacts” of this future age — objects and devices, such as storage containers, flower vases, and specialized cameras, that might become part of the fabric of off-planet life in the not-too-distant future. As a capstone, three students, including Meuser, deployed their prototypes in zero gravity. Read More
43-Year Tweed Deal Detailed
The runway lengthens, a new terminal and garage get built, and the name “New Haven” remains under newly released terms of a proposed 43-year lease between the city and Tweed’s airport authority.

The deal includes lifting of a weight limit on local aircraft — and the teeing up of a long-term sub-lease with a deep-pocketed private investor.

Those terms, and many more, were revealed Tuesday in a new proposed amended and restated lease and operating agreement between the city and the Tweed New Haven Airport Authority and a proposed ordinance amendment.

City officials submitted the proposed lease extension to the Board of Alders for Tuesday night’s latest monthly meeting.

They also submitted a related proposed ordinance amendment that would repeal a city law that prohibits airplanes that weigh more than 160,000 pounds from using Tweed.

Both proposals now advance to an aldermanic committee for a public hearing before returning to the full board for a final vote, likely in the early fall. Read More
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