September 2018

New Rail Park Brings in Two Businesses and Adds Jobs
Healthier Choice Flooring and Reagent Chemical and Research, Inc., maker of White Flyer clay shooting targets are pleased to announce plans for their new Dalton, GA facilities.

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Georgia's New Inland Terminal Open For Business
"The Appalachian Regional Port is a powerful new gateway to the Port of Savannah that extends the efficiencies of Georgia's superior port operations to new markets," Deal said. "It will also serve as an economic development magnet, drawing business and industry to the Southeast U.S."

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Progress Being Made at Hanwha Q CELLS 
Progress is underway on the  Hanwha Q CELLS manufacturing facility in Carbondale Business Park. Hanwha Q Cells has chosen Dalton for the location of their first US solar panel manufacturing facility, proving that Dalton is renewable energy friendly. 

Interested in employment? Check out their job postings here.
Dalton State Adds Sustainability Degree
A bachelor's degree in environmental and sustainability studies was approved at DSC! This makes Dalton State's 25th degree. 

Sustainability is a broad field that  requires students to have knowledge in a variety of areas, including biology, chemistry, and business. The interdisciplinary aspect of the degree is what separates this program from other environmental studies programs.

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Dalton Ranks 19th Compared to Other U.S.  Cities 
According to this article, Dalton, Ga is one of the top cities where incomes are growing the fastest.

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Latest Economic Indicators for Whitfield County


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Georgia ranks #1 (5th year running) in the US for best state for business
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