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 June 22, 2018
Start or Enhance Your Career in Economic Development 

There is still time to enroll in classes and start a career in economic development by starting the Master of Science in Economic Development program this fall. A recent study found job postings seeking a graduate degree in economic development have increased 20% nationally (Strnad and Diaz, 2015). Ady Advantage identified six reasons why economic development is a great career:
  • Because you will make a difference.
  • Because you will never be bored.
  • Because you will be supported by your fellow economic developers.
  • Because you'll get to exercise every corner of your brain.
  • Because you will meet a lot of interesting people.
  • Because you can carry your skills with you wherever you may travel in this world.
Salaries are competitive and job prospects are plentiful.  If you or someone you know is interested in this exciting career, contact  Dr. Chad Miller, Coordinator of the Master of Science in Economic Development Program in the University of Southern Mississippi College of Business. Opportunities for research assistant positions that cover tuition and pay a salary while obtaining your master's degree are available.
Keynote Speaker for the True South course

Keynote speaker for the 2018 True South IEDC accredited Basic Economic Development Course (September 17-21, 2018) will be John Longshore, Senior Consultant for Global Location Strategies. He will be discussing trends in site selection and working with site location consultants. John has assisted numerous clients from dozens of industries make sound decisions for relocation and for new investment of large manufacturing operations. He has conducted studies in the United States, Mexico and Europe. John's projects have totaled more than $2 billion in investment with over 1,000 new jobs planned. Early registration for the course closes on July 14th. Register today!
Study of Defense Diversification Opportunities in Sport Security Market

The Mississippi Defense Diversification Initiative (MDDI) study, Defense Technologies for the Safety and Security of Commercial Sports and Entertainment Facilities, prepared by Derek Halbasch, Graduate Research Assistant for MDDI and Dr. Elizabeth Voorhees, NCS4, Director of Certifications and Compliance, highlights how the technology developed to meet the needs of the Department of Defense (DoD) can often be directly applied to the needs of sport and event security. However, selling into the Commercial Facility market differs from the defense procurement process. Each of the three Commercial Facility market segments 1.) Facility Owners/Security Managers, 2.) Sports Leagues/Venue and Event Management Companies, and 3.) Emergency Managers (e.g., police, fire and rescue) have different procurement processes. Since security is often perceived as an extra cost, the industry tends to be price sensitive. Additionally, the industry has its own trade shows, trade journals, and certifications that defense contractors need to adopt. The event safety and security industry presents significant diversification opportunities for defense technology and this report provides insights into the specialized nature of the industry.
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