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May 17, 2018
Examination of Socio-Economic Issues of the Tuscaloosa Marine Shale Play

The U.S. Department of Energy (DoE) has funded the Master of Science in Economic Development (MSED) program for three years to conduct socio-economic analysis of hydraulic fracturing as part of the Tuscaloosa Marine Shale Laboratory (TMSL). Others on the analysis include University of Louisiana-Lafayette, Los Alamos National Lab, Missouri University of Science and Technology University, and Oklahoma University. In addition to the main focus of petroleum engineering issues such as formation evaluation, enhanced oil recovery, production data analysis, and wellbore stability & cement design, the TMSL will be examining socio-economic issues. These issues include analyzing supply chains, the impact of oil and gas severance tax, workforce development programs, and business assistance programs. Findings will be presented at a multi-disciplinary training event for TMS stakeholders that includes public officials, community leaders, industry, and researchers. MSED will be seeking to hire a research assistant for the project. If you are interested in the research assistant position contact Chad Miller at Chad.r.Miller@usm.edu or call 601-266-6666.
Dedicated Researchers for a Local Economic Development Organization
In January 2018, Walter Baker and Conner Miller began working as research assistants for the East Mississippi Business Development Corporation, based in Meridian, Mississippi. President and CEO of EMBDC, Mr. Bill Hannah, requested research assistance and technical support from the two MSED Graduate students as he works with Meridian's leadership to help the organization better serve the community. During their time working for EMBDC, Baker and Miller performed a variety of tasks focused on investigating current economic development trends using data analytics. One such project involved building directories of sites, buildings and transportation outlets for Meridian and then comparing the findings to the area's benchmark communities. The assistantship provided the graduate students with opportunities to gain real world experience in the field while supporting the growth and development of one of Mississippi's larger cities.
Community Analyst New Data Analytics Tool Added to MSED Program
The Trent Lott National Center now has access to ArcGIS Community Analyst, which is a Web-based system that allows for viewing and analyzing demographic and business data. It provides fast access to intelligent color-coded maps and thousands of data variables that when combined paint a complete picture of the characteristics that make up a community. It allows users to prioritize community projects, allocate resources for greatest impact, and understand the demographic characteristics of people potentially impacted by a policy decision. Starting Fall 2018 Community Analyst will be incorporated into ED 722 Economic Development Data Analytics and Theory course so that graduates of the program have knowledge of how to utilize and analyze the latest tools for data-driven economic development. 
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