Wasaga Beach Economic Development Update - January 25th, 2022
Façade Improvement Program
2022 Application Period Now Open
Economic Development Office
Announcing the opening of the 2022 Façade Improvement Application Period! Are you a business looking to update your sign, hard landscaping, lighting or another improvement to the frontage of your business? If so, this program is for you!

The program is a first come, first serve basis and is accepting applications until funds have been fully allocated. Apply today!

The program will provide a grant up to 50% of the eligible costs up to $2,000 per project.

The Façade Improvement Program is a FREE municipal Grant Program Package that assists property owners looking to revitalize and/or restore the frontage of their existing commercial, institutional and mixed-use buildings in town. Projects can include side and rear facing facades that have high public visibility.

The following are eligible building façade projects that deal in the rehabilitation, restoration and improvement of existing commercial, institutional and mixed-use buildings.
  • Repair or restoration of masonry, brickwork, or wood;
  • Repair, replacement or restoration of exterior architectural features;
  • Repair or replacement of windows or doors;
  • Re-painting, cleaning, or re-facing of façades;
  • Improvements to the appearance or access to entrances of commercial units (including hard landscaping improvements such as fencing and stonework);
  • Installation of appropriate new signage or improvements to existing signage;
  • Installation of appropriate new canopies and awnings or improvements to existing canopies and awnings; and
  • Installation of appropriate new exterior lighting or improvements to existing exteriors.

For more information please view the Façade Improvement Grant Webpage or contact Economic Development staff.

For more information please contact:

Kaitlyn Monsma
Economic Development Officer
(705) 429-3847 ext. 2284
Featured 2021 Improvement Projects
NONNA'S | 112 Main Street

Nonna's, located at 112 Main Street, received the Façade Improvement Grant in the spring of 2021 for the installation of a steel and glass railing on the existing front patio and for hard landscaping at the front of the building which includes a flower bed with stone.

Make Great Wine and Cheese Shop, located at 563 River Rd West, benefited from the Façade Improvement Program and had their old wooden sign replaced with a updated modern version.

Wasaga Beach Adventure Park, located at 3600 Vigo Road will receive the Façade Improvement Grant for the replacement of the roadside hours sign and their main entrance sign that is cut to the shape of Wasaga Beach Adventure Park’s new logo.
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