Code Ninjas
Code Ninjas, a coding center for kids ages 7 to 14, opened at the Oakbrook Plaza, located at 1772 Avenida de los Arboles.

Ferguson HVAC
Ferguson HVAC opened a new wholesale and warehouse facility in the Conejo Spectrum Business Park, located at 2570 Conejo Spectrum Street.

Garman's Fine Vintage Wear
Garman's Fine Vintage Wear, specializing in vintage clothes and accessories, opened at the Westlake Commons, located at 2803 Agoura Road.

Lee, Cochran, and Daggett
Lee, Cochran, and Daggett, a CPA firm, relocated to Westlake Plaza Office Park, located at 2815 Townsgate Road.

Namaste Spiceland
Namaste Spiceland, and Indian market for groceries and food, relocated their operations from Palm Plaza to 821 E. Thousand Oaks Boulevard.

Royal Business Bank
Royal Business Bank has relocated its offices from 600 Hampshire Road to 3366 East Thousand Oaks Boulevard.

Stark Municipal Brokers
Stark Municipal Brokers opened a new office at 515 Marin Street.

The Hub Bike Shop
The Hub Bike Shop opened at the Westlake Commons located at 2900 Townsgate Road.

Wingman Media
Wingman Media opened a new office at Gate One Office Plaza, located at 2625 Townsgate Road.
Understanding Proposed Changes to Traffic Impact Fees
The City of Thousand Oaks looked to subject-matter experts at Kimley-Horn & Associates, Inc. and Wildan engineering to help us re-evaluate the way we measure a project's traffic impact. In response to their findings, we have updated our measurements system to one that better reflects actual congestion- in areas that residents care about most.

In alignment with the improved system, the City is updating its developer's fee structure. Because we are identifying the traffic impacts of new development types more precisely, the new fees will reflect which developments contribute most to traffic.
You Can Learn More By:

  • Contacting Haider Alawami to arrange an in-person presentation for your business or group.

  • Attending the City Council User Fee Study Session on February 26, 2019, 6 p.m. in Council Chambers or viewing it online at www.toaks.org/totv
Thousand Oaks Unemployment 

According to the California Employment Development Department, Thousand Oaks preliminary December 2018 unemployment rate is 2.7% - unchanged from from 2.7% in November 2018. The City has a total of 66,800 in the labor force with 65,000 who are employed.

Ventura County Unemployment

The California Labor Market report revealed that Ventura County's December 2018 unemployment rate of 3.8% was up from a revised 3.7% in November 2018.

A total of 1,800 non-farm jobs were gained in December 2018; however, 700 jobs were lost, for a net gain of 1,100 jobs. 

The loss in jobs includes: The gain in jobs includes:
300 in construction 700 in educational and health services
300 in professional and business services 600 in trade, transportation, and utilities
100 in other services 300 in leisure and hospitality and
200 in manufacturing
Auto Sales
A total of 2,025 new vehicles were sold in December 2018. New vehicles sales increased by 44.8% from November 2018 and decreased by 6.03% from a year ago. Additionally, 753 pre-owned vehicles were sold.

 Getting to Know Our Local Businesses

The economic development team is reaching out to our local businesses to schedule a visitation at your business with members of our City Council, the executive team, and economic development so that we can learn more about your business and find out how the City can best support you.

Would you like us to visit your business? Drop us a line at Rornelas@toaks.org with "Business Visitation" in the Subject line to schedule your visitation today.
Collage of business visitations