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Shovels will be in the ground sooner for development projects
We understand the needs of developers and know that in order to attract investment in Georgina, the timeframe in which it takes to get a shovel in the ground is a key determining factor for investors when choosing where to build.

In addition to the introduction of the Business Class Program and the Development Application Fee Rebate Program, t he Town of Georgina is dedicated to evolving the site plan application process to assist developers with their goals.

At a recent Council meeting, staff suggested further changes to reduce the timeframe it takes to issue site plan approval. These updates can save developers thousands of dollars, making Georgina an even more appealing location to invest.

So, what's changed?
Proposed amendments to the Site Plan Control By-law were recommended to Council that will not only delegate the approval authority to staff for certain applications, but will also introduce securities relative to the scale of development and decrease the site plan inspection fees. 

Staff have also developed an easy-to-read work flow diagram so applicants are able to better understand the process and who the point of contact will be at each stage of the process to ensure improved communications. These changes will all contribute to shorten the length of time taken for applicants to receive their site plan approval. 
Mayor's First Investment Breakfast was a success
The Town of Georgina’s first Mayor’s Investment Breakfast was attended by more than 120 people. We were joined by our Member of Parliament Scot Davidson, members of Council, developers, business owners and community partners.

The morning included networking, a wonderful breakfast provided by the Briars Resort , speeches and announcements that will continue to propel Georgina forward.

Speeches covered:
  • Recent growth and municipal comparisons
  • Future developments: three new senior living facilities, 3,500 new residential units and more than 10 new commercial developments
  • Major investments: broadband (high-speed internet) and public amenities
  • How the Town is preparing for growth
Did you know?
More than 100,000 visitors came to Sibbald Point Provincial Park in 2019
3,500 new residential units coming to Georgina in 2020
Georgina's current population of approximately 50,000 has experienced a steady increase in residential units over the past 10 years with a significant spike in new housing in 2015.

Our Development Services Department is currently processing planning applications to facilitate the construction of more than 3,500 new housing units. These applications represent the need for a range of housing types including single detached, townhouses, condominium and apartment units.

Want to know more about building developments in Georgina?
Proposed amendment to Zoning By-law
The Town of Georgina is initiating a general amendment to Zoning By-law 500 to implement zoning standards for cannabis production facilities.

The amendment proposes to: define cannabis production facilities; permit cannabis production facilities within the Rural (RU), Restricted Industrial (M1), General Industrial (M2), and Business Park 3 (BP-3) zones; and, implement specific zoning provisions for same.

The amendment also proposes to repeal the existing definition of ‘Marihuana Production Facility’ and related provisions. Lands subject to this proposal include all lands within the Town of Georgina zoned RU, M1, M2, and BP-3. A key map of the subject lands has not been provided due to the large number of RU, M1, M2, and BP-3 zoned properties throughout the Town. 

The public is invited to attend a Statutory Public Meeting on Wednesday, April 1, at approximately 7:30 p.m. in the Council Chamber of the Georgina Civic Centre at 26557 Civic Centre Rd., Keswick.

Direct inquiries and comments to Tolek A. Makarewicz, Senior Policy Planner, at 905-476-4301, ext. 2297 or
Health Care announcement!
Good news for health care in Georgina. The Georgina Community Health Care Council will be making a very important announcement at the Link in Sutton on Wednesday, March 11 at 7 p.m. on how they are working to improve access to health care facilities in Georgina.
Perchin for MS raises $21,000 in its final year
Doug Poirier’s Perchin for MS ice fishing derby has raised more than $186,000 for Multiple Sclerosis since 2010. He started the derby to raise awareness about the disease and to encourage people with disabilities to get outside and stay active. Read the article written by Georgina Post.
Georgina receives provincial funding
The Town of Georgina is receiving funding of up to $84,072 through the Province of Ontario’s Municipal Modernization Program to support customer service-related improvements. The money will be used for an independent third-party reviewer to deliver a final report by Sept. 18, 2020. Learn more .
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