JOHNSTOWN - Greenfield Global Inc.'s Johnstown facility is joining the fight against COVID-19 with production of hand sanitizer-grade alcohol for cross-country distribution.

"Our Johnstown plant is the first plant in Canada to receive approval from Health Canada to produce Technical Grade alcohol. We believe we have the first such approval in North America," Plant Manager Brendan Bland said today.

The Johnstown site can make up to 710,000 litres of alcohol per day. All 52 employers are involved in helping support the initiative.

"Our focus now is quickly increasing logistical capacity.  We are proud of each and every one of our Johnstown employees who continue to work around the clock to meet this essential service," Mr. Bland said. 

"As we saw both the looming shortage in Canada, and around the world, our CEO, Howard Field, decided if any company in Canada could prevent a domestic shortage of the critical alcohol that goes into the hand sanitizers used by our brave front line workers fighting against the deadly COVID-19 virus 24-7, we could," he added.

"When the call from Howard went out to mobilize our Johnstown plant to be the new line of defense in this national effort, our local team quickly focused on urgently building out brand new logistics at our plant. We were ready to have tanker trucks of new Technical Grade supply hit the road once Health Canada approval was granted," said Mr. Bland.

The approval from Health Canada is for alcohol made in Johnstown from April 6 to June 30th.