GANANOQUE - Award-winning composer and audio engineer Serge Côté loves what he does.

The owner of Music Sergery is well known for his accomplished body of work and as a talent who can create unforgettable soundtracks for film, broadcast, video and multi-media.

"Being able to put my own music and sound to picture makes me pretty happy, " says Serge, who has operated his home-based business in Gananoque since 2010. He has been a leader in his field since launching his music studio 27 years ago in Ottawa.

"I love what I do," he says, adding one of his favourite characters is "Loumy" in the French Radio Canada (SRC) teen adventure series Makinium. Serge strives to make characters even more vibrant and alive via great sound.

"I deal with everything that has to do with sound and soundscapes," he says, noting on a regular day he does audio post production work "sculpting things together so that they are seamless."

Serge is a classically-trained pianist. In the early days of his career as a musician, songwriter and arranger he worked with Canadian performers such as Alanis Morissette, One to One, Dan Hill and many others.

Soon he transitioned into "scoring to picture" and composing for TV and animated series as well as national television commercials. Serge has created music for over a thousand TV series episodes in many genres and styles. A bilingual Francophone, he has created themes and scores for programs on TVO, the Comedy Network, CTV, CBC and the Discovery Channel. He has worked on productions seen throughout the world.

Serge earned a Gemini Award for best score in a documentary in 2010 for the children's travel series "A World of Wonders." He has won countless awards and nominations, including the Canadian Screen Awards for "Jaxon & Song's Maple Mystery" (2018) and "Rob the Robot" (2014).

"I've been pretty fortunate and I like that I can do my work from anywhere," he says. He and his family moved to Gananoque after discovering it one day passing through the area.

A majority of his work today is sound mixing, including major projects for Franco-Ontario television programming. He also has many corporate clients.

"I get to build something and be creative every day. It is stimulating to add a flavour to something with the right music or sound to enhance and make the project even better."

To learn more about Music Sergery visit Serge's website, send him an email or call at 613-724-7455.