TOLEDO - When Lynn Kerr quipped in a video that her store is "the centre of the universe" she was having a bit of fun.

Her sense of pride turned to happy surprise when the video to promote her rural Leeds Grenville business captured more than 3,000 YouTube views and brought in a whack of new customers. The views for Lynn's video surpassed 12 others in a new series launched in April by the Leeds Grenville Economic Development Office.

"It's been great for business," says Lynn, who has owned Kitley Grocery and Service Centre in Toledo for 34 years. Her grocery store, along with its LCBO outlet and gas bar, is known as a welcoming community hub.

"I've had so many new customers coming in because of the video and a lot of phone calls," Lynn says, adding she's not sure how the one-minute video got so much attention except that her loyal customers must have shared it. She even received a congratulatory note from a former customer now living in British Columbia.

Joanne and John Edgley of JJ’s Country Diner in Athens participated in the project as well. “The video was fun to produce and it generated a lot of buzz for our restaurant," says Joanne.

"The feedback from our customers and the community was really positive,” she says.