LANSDOWNE - Local hammock maker Taco Meuter has little time to put his feet up and relax these days.

Since the pandemic hit, his family business - Kingcord Industries Inc. - is experiencing a spike in hammock sales and other products the 36-year-old family business produces on Reynolds Road.

"In May, people started ordering more. They say they want to make their homes nicer and more comfortable - and our hammocks are part of that," says Taco. He is still busy with new orders this month with no sign of it slowing down.

"I have no complaints. Online sales are very good and sales are significantly higher than last year. We're also seeing a lot of our repeat customers buying a second hammock," Taco says.

Taco's father, the late Lukas Meuter, started Kingcord in 1986 to provide outdoor seating and lounging comfort for his customers. Taco joined the business in the 1990s and father and son worked together until Lukas's death two years ago.

The business is dedicated to making quality, durable hammocks of all types and sizes and hammock chairs using their own braided soft-spun polyester cord. Hammocks styles include deluxe rope, deluxe combo, deluxe fabric and Mayan. Kingcord also offers Muskoka chairs, tables and other accessories.

"Some people have said they can't find hammocks anywhere. Others are bringing in their hammocks for repair. It's been hectic since May," he says, adding some supplies are harder to get. He's working hard to keep up with demand.

In a normal, non-pandemic year, Taco says the summer months are busy with sales and repairs while the winter months are when he builds up inventory. Typically sales slow down by September. The rate of sales right now means Taco is busy getting product out the door with not much time for anything else.

"I'm treading water and the waves are high," he says, looking around his somewhat depleted showroom. One good thing is Kingcord hammocks are built to last. Taco has had several customers this spring and summer saying it's time for a new one even though the Kingcord hammocks have lasted decades.

"It's great to have repeat customers like that," says Taco.

Learn more about Kingcord Hammocks by visiting the website , send an email or give Taco a call at 1-877-474-8864. The business is located at 41 Reynolds Road.