MALLORYTOWN - Burdock Nettle owner Linda Davis has created her business with the goal of offering people a way to take more control of their health.

A herbalist with more than three decades of experience, Linda says plants provide natural, chemical-free remedies and her wish is to pass along her knowledge and create quality products for people and animals.

"My life has rotated around learning about the abundance of nature," says Linda. Today, she grows herbs and wild-crafts the plants required to create her chemical-free skin care, outdoor sprays, salves pet care and horse grooming products. A new range of products called "Botanics Collection" will be launched this fall. These products, along with quality teas, are available at various retail outlets as well as her home store.

Her products can be found in Home Hardware in Gananoque, Lyndhurst and Brockville, as well as The Green Gecko and Wing's Live Bait & Tackle in Lyndhurst and the Tipsy Goat in Lansdowne.

"I believe in helping people help themselves," says Linda, adding the pandemic has inspired some people to be more self reliant. There has also been a "coming of age" for natural remedies in the past decade, she says, adding some doctors in the area are recommending some of her products to their patients.

Linda grew up in the Toronto area but spent more than 30 years in Australia and New Zealand where she did her training and later opened a healing centre in New Zealand. Her interest in herbs and medicinal plants started in 1980 when she was pregnant and sought natural products rather than taking pills. "That started my journey. It just grew from there, snowballed," she says.

Linda returned to Ontario in 2005. She operated a tea shop in Gananoque for several years and later moved to Mallorytown to grow her own herbs.

"Our products are developed and hand-blended in the beautiful Frontenac Arch Biosphere area of Mallorytown. Protection and care for the environment and the health of families and pets is the mission of Burdock Nettle," Linda says.

Burdock Nettle's products are made with organically grown, wild-crafted, and sustainably procured ingredients and are natural and chemical free. "All of our ingredients come together to create products that help your family and pets enjoy a natural, healthier lifestyle."

Linda began hosting workshops two years ago. Sessions are offered onsite and online. They include: Discover Nature's Medicine Cabinet, Understanding Nature's Energetics, Tea Tasting, Interconnectedness and Goddess Remembered.

Learn more about Burdock Nettle and Linda's full product line by visiting the website, send an email or call 613-213-2129. You can also order online.