With the new information from the State of California that evictions can begin as early as September 1, due to the repeal of the eviction moratorium, (Unlawful Retainer) we understand that landlords may now have a sense of urgency to collect back rent.
  1. The courts and the state are in conversation currently about legislation and extensions that may change the landscape of evictions due to COVID-19
  2. This is a rolling situation that is still developing
  1. Submit an inability to pay rent due to COVID-19. All tenants need to have a conversation with their landlord about creative options to resolve disputes. All tenants that are unable to pay rent due to coronavirus and economic hardship should fill out and submit this form to their landlord as soon as possible.
  2. Schedule a session with a financial advisor. Tenants that are experiencing economic hardship and are facing closure or an increase in debt should look at all financial counseling options available. EDC SBDC financial advisors are available to assist. To schedule an appointment please call 805-409-9159 and visit www.edcollaborative.com for more information. 
  3. Register for our upcoming webinar.  EDC is hosting a webinar on September 24, “Creative Solutions for Commercial Landlords and Tenants During COVID-19.“ You can register here. We encourage people who are seeking assistance to tune in.
  4. Seek legal aid. Free legal assistance is available in Santa Barbara and Ventura County through legal aid self-help. If finances permit and business owners need additional resources they should consider hiring an attorney to work as an intermediary between the landlord and lease obligations. Please visit the following for Santa Barbara and Ventura County legal aid. These offices can assist you in “Unlawful Detainer” and provide resources to assist with landlord/tenant negotiations.

*This information is provided courtesy of our community partner,