Georgina's Economic Recovery Team Initiatives:
Report No. CS-2020-0013 is being submitted to Council on June 10, 2020 asking Council for the following recommendations:


1. That Council receive Report No. CS-2020-0013 prepared by the Economic Development and Tourism Division, Development Services Department and the Corporate Services Department dated June 10, 2020 respecting Georgina's Economic Recovery Team initiatives;

2. That Council direct Georgina's Economic Recovery Team to expand the Community Improvement Plan and Development Application Rebate Programs and introduce programs specific to supporting the business community and their need to address the implications of the COVID-19 Pandemic. And further, that a briefing note be provided to Council to confirm the launch of the expanded Community Improvement Plan and Development Application Rebate Programs;

3. That the current 2020 budget established for the Community Improvement Plan and Development Application Rebate be utilized to fund these additional programs; That the Town Solicitor review the details of the additional financial programs prior to launch; and

4. That Council delegate the approval authority for all applications submitted to the Community Improvement Plan and the Development Application Rebate Programs to Georgina's Economic Recovery Team until such time as the Economic Development Committee begins to meet. 

Business support questions?
Georgina's Economic Development team is working remotely and will continue to support businesses during this difficult time by email at  [email protected] . Contact us by phone call Karyn Stone, Manager of Economic Development and Tourism at 905-476-4301, ext. 2312.