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Hwy 370 at Elm Street Interchange is receiving major upgrades. It is one of the main gateways into St. Charles. 

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In late May, I joined representatives of our Parks and Recreation Department to celebrate the completion of the Wapelhorst Park Aquatics Center renovation.   I want to commend Maralee Britton, Director of Parks and Recreation, her staff and the entire Parks and Recreation Board for shepherding a project that benefits all St. Charles residents and visitors.
These improvements were made as a result from the voters overwhelming support of Proposition P in 2016. Their endorsement of this half-cent sales tax allowed us to fund improvements to both our parks facilities along with storm water projects. Moreover, ratification of Prop P demonstrates the residents trust us as good stewards of their tax dollars.
Investments in these areas are important if we are going to provide unmatched recreational facilities, good roads, quality water and other basic services. This continues our strategy to make St. Charles THE place for families and industries.
The City of St. Charles has earned the reputation of a vibrant, well-managed community because we invest in areas that benefits our residents and businesses. Our commitment is to insure that reputation remains intact.

Thank you,
 Sally Sig photoshop 
Mayor Sally Faith
Missouri Governor Parson Visits St. Charles
Governor and First Lady Parson met with St. Charles officials

Less than one week after being sworn into office, Missouri Governor Mike Parson and First Lady Teresa Parson visited Mayor Sally Faith and St. Charles County Executive Steve Ehlmann in City Hall.
In addressing City Hall staff, Governor Parson stated his focus will be on infrastructure and jobs.
Mayor Faith explains key projects to Governor Parson
Mayor Faith welcomed the Governor and First Lady to St. Charles and expressed excitement over his vision for state government.
"Governor Parson and I entered the legislature at the same time," Faith said. "His experience not only in Jefferson City, but at the local level, has prepared him to be a great leader for Missouri."

BH North America Deems St. Charles Best "Fit" for New HQ
The new 75,000 SF facility will include the company's headquarters

BH North America Corporation , a Spanish-owned premium fitness equipment, bicycle and garage cabinetry company, is relocating its U.S. headquarters from California to St. Charles, Missouri . The move brings 50 new jobs to the region.
" Missouri is perfectly positioned at the intersection of the east-west and north-south shipping corridors," said Dan Foust, president and CEO of BH North America. "We can ship products anywhere in the US in a couple of days and eliminate a lot of waste in rent and taxes. This strategic location and cost savings will allow us to innovate, invest in our people and increase our competitiveness in the marketplace."
Foust expects a 30-40 percent savings in overhead costs in Missouri compared to California.
BH North America Corporation expects a 30-40% savings in overhead costs

BH North America is a subsidiary of the 109-year strong, family-owned, four generation-run BH Group based in Vitoria, Spain, which has operations in 65 countries around the world.

The new 75,000 square foot St. Charles facilities will include the company's headquarters, residential and commercial products showroom, state-of-the-art video and photo studio, distribution center and warehouse.
"It is a pleasure to welcome BH North America to St. Charles and to Missouri, and to see them take advantage of the region's manufacturing and logistics strengths," said Steve Johnson , CEO of Missouri Partnership . "This is a great company, creating good jobs, and investing in our state. As always in Missouri, it was a team effort to attract BH North America and we are thrilled to have such great partners in the City of St. Charles , St. Charles County and the Missouri Department of Economic Development ."
"We applaud and appreciate BH North America's decision to invest in St. Charles," said St. Charles Mayor Sally Faith . "This continues to demonstrate that St. Charles and the State of Missouri have the assets in place to be a leader in business investment in the Midwest. BH North America continues our strategy to not only diversify our economic basis, but to strengthen our region through an improved outreach program."
"St. Charles and St. Louis also have workers who care," said Foust. "I know our new team members will embrace our company and our culture and embrace our customers. Fitness is a people business and I am excited about the breadth of the talent pool in the region. This move is the right choice for our company."
BH North America expects to begin operations at their new headquarters and distribution center later this year.

Putting Missouri on a Path to Become the Best

Rob Dixon, Director of Missouri Department of Economic Development

Missouri deserves the best when it comes to economic and workforce development, and the Department of Economic Development is on a journey to become the   Best in the Midwest .

Nearly a decade has passed since the great recession rocked the global economy, and here in Missouri, we've been following the same economic development playbook that we did back then.
A lot has changed.

Earlier this week, the jobs report was released. It showed that there are more jobs available today than there are unemployed people in our country. In the United States, there were 6.7 million jobs available this spring, and 6.3 million unemployed Americans.
This is an unprecedented challenge.
A group of officials and business leaders are invited to serve on the advisory committee

At the same time, a recent study by a prominent research organization found that by 2030, between 400 million and 800 million people worldwide may need to find new jobs because of automation and changing technology. They estimate that 75 million to 375 million people may need to change occupations or learn new skills.

Ready or not, the economy is changing all around us. As a state, we need to face these trends head on with strategies that are nimble yet sustainable to keep up with the evolving needs of our state's businesses.

Other states - our competitors - aren't running the same plays that they did a decade ago. They aren't waiting for the problem to get here to solve it. We shouldn't either.

That's why, with the support and leadership of Governor Parson, we're forging ahead.  Later this month, we will present research looking at the current state of our economy, and - more importantly - looking ahead at what areas provide the most opportunity for growth in Missouri. We'll also look at where the gaps lie in our workforce, and how we might close them.
The committee will recommend how the State can implement a new strategy for growth

This research will drive two initiatives,  Best in Midwest and Talent for Tomorrow , which will transform our state's approach to economic and workforce development.

Through these initiatives, we're bringing together business, education, workforce and economic development leaders from across the state to shape a new future for Missouri.  It's what our state needs. It's what Missouri citizens deserve. It's time to become the best.

Economic Development Participates in Recruitment Trips
Meetings with site selectors are part of recruitment efforts

The City's Economic Development Director, David Leezer , recently participated in a number of site consultant call trips. The trips are part of the new strategy the department implemented as a result of the MarksNelson Study.
In early May, Leezer joined Patrick McKeehan of O'Fallon and Lori Becklenberg of the St. Louis Chamber to meet with site consultants in Atlanta.
Leezer also participated in two separate consultant trips hosted by the   Missouri Partnership.   Dennis Pruitt , Vice President with the Partnership, organized a trip to Columbus, Ohio and Indianapolis. A few weeks later, Leezer joined Subash Alias, the Partnership's Senior Vice President, for meetings with site consultants in Pittsburgh and Cleveland.
Leezer said the trips established a first great step for the program's new recruitment effort.
"Insuring the St. Charles brand was our primary purpose and we accomplished that task," Leezer said. "The next part of our strategy is to stay in contact with these site selectors to insure we maintain a solid relationship."

City, Parks & Recreation Department Celebrates Renovated Facilities
Facilities were renovated thanks to support of Proposition P

Mayor Sally Faith and Maralee Britton , the City's Director of Parks and Recreation recently hosted a ribbon cutting ceremony to celebrate the opening of the Wapelhorst Aquatic facility.  Also participating in the event were members of the city council, Parks and Recreation Board, along with local dignitaries. 
"We are so grateful to the residents of the City of Saint Charles for supporting Proposition P, and we are so excited to share the results of that effort with them in the opening of our new aquatic facilities," said Mayor Faith.  
The renovation of the Wapelhorst Aquatic Facility , along with the Blanchette Aquatic Facility , was made possible thanks to the citizen's support of Proposition P, which enabled a half-cent sales tax for parks and storm water projects. Over its 15-year life, the sales tax will generate $21,000,000 for the Parks & Recreation Department. Of that amount, $18,000,000 was set aside for the replacement of the Blanchette Aquatic Facility and renovation of the Wapelhorst Aquatic Facility. The remaining $3,000,000 was allocated towards playground replacements, athletic field light upgrades and ball field upgrades.
"As we open new facilities at Blanchette and Wapelhorst Parks, we celebrate 81 years of aquatics in the City of Saint Charles," Britton stated.  "These are premier facilities that we are sure residents and visitors to our City will enjoy for many years to come as we continue the aquatics tradition."

St. Charles Once Again Successful at ICSC
Panda Express confirmed the new St. Charles site

This annual event showcases growing national retailers looking to expand their operations. 
"St. Charles is a well-known brand at this event because of our continued presence," stated Leezer. "Our recognition factor is very high."
While at the show, Panda Express representatives announced their commitment to St. Charles while another nationally recognized vendor expanded their search to include the City.  "This was the first time we were able to get in front of this major chain and after a brief discussion, they committed to reviewing about 4 locations in   St. Charles ."
As in past shows, Leezer served in a support role for other key allies attending the event like Cullinan Properties , Thomas Realty Group , L3 Corporation , The DESCO Group and Cissell-Mueller.

Narwhal's Announces New Location at Streets of St. Charles

Cullinan Properties has announced that St. Louis based, Narwhal's Crafted Urban Ice , will open a second location at the Streets of St. Charles . Recognized as a cutting edge maker of frozen cocktails, company owners stated they will open in the Spring of 2019.
"We've kind of proven to be a destination spot for people," Brandon Holzhueter, co-owner, said. "And once we started looking at St. Charles, this development seemed like the best fit."
Narwhal's will occupy about 3,000 square feet of space at Streets of St. Charles and will have a large patio, Holzhueter said.
Chris West, Partner and Chief Executive Officer for Cullinan Properties stated Narwhal's is a perfect fit for their St. Charles development.  "Both Narwhal's and Streets share a reputation as a vibrant, exciting experience.  We are thrilled to see them become a part of our Streets of St. Charles community."
Holzhueter said the second location will incorporate a lot of the same decor from its first store including like the steel and wood and pops of color.
Narwhal's serves frozen cocktails like Banana Dave, Black Forest Manhattan and Hurricane Tony. The flavors rotate often as the duo crafts its cocktails using real fruit, herbs and other ingredients.


Your Economic Development Team  
David Leezer,   Travis Wilson and Susie King