May 2018 Edition
An oil-eating bacterium that can help clean up pollution and spills
Oil spills occur on a regular basis, leading to messy decontamination challenges. But however widespread and serious the damage may be, the solution could be microscopic -- Alcanivorax borkumensis -- a bacterium that feeds on hydrocarbons. A research team shows the effectiveness of enzymes produced by the bacterium in degrading petroleum products in soil and water. Their results offer hope for a simple, effective, and eco-friendly method of decontaminating water and soil at oil sites.  
The New FUSION(TM) DWMC Series Liquid Filters from Delta Pure Filtration feature "Melt Blown media on the inside for confidence, and Precision String Wound media on the outside for performance." By fusing melt blown and string wound technology into the same filters, Delta Pure Filtration can help customers achieve longer filter life and cleaner fluids.

Energy producers have long relied upon string wound filters to maximize production, protect producing and disposal formations, extend injection well performance, comply with environmental regulations, and prevent equipment from fouling.

The enormous volume of water that must be treated (e.g., fracking fluids, waterflood, flowback water, produced water, etc.) challenges energy producers to continually manage and reduce water treatment and handling costs.
"Delta Pure has been one of my manufacturers that will drop everything to help my customers out of a bind.  I have called them at the drop of a hat to do an emergency order and no matter how small or large the order has been they have always come through for me and my customers.  Delta Pure has been available to me days, nights and weekends, almost without fail.  We have been able to offer our customers the DP product as a replacement / alternate for manufacturers that our customers have been set on for years and the DP filter has been tested and approved by many of our major customers across the USA. 

We appreciate their ability to work with us on customizing filters and their dedication to customer service that I find so lacking in some of the manufacturers in our industry in today's world.  Donna and Steve are always willing to jump right in with both feel to assist in a resolution to issues that come up - even on Friday at 4:45PM." 
The WQA Convention and Exposition was a success!
We were delighted to see you at this year's WQA Convention in Colorado. Follow the link below and start planning for next year in Vegas!

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