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Welcome to the first Start-Grow Upstate newsletter designed for you, the advisor, coach, mentor, funder, educator, and overall supporter of entrepreneurship in the Upstate.

Newsletters will be published quarterly and topics will cover best practices from around the Upstate, professional development opportunities, Ten at the Top sponsored events, and news about how each of you are supporting entrepreneurs.

Your feedback is crucial to ensure that this newsletter provides a place to connect, learn and empower our communities to start and grow locally-owned businesses. Please click here to share your thoughts, ideas, wishes, and preferred changes.

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Erin Ouzts
Upstate Entrepreneur Ecosystem Facilitator
Ten at the Top
Best Practice - Building Community
What's Brewing Greenville?
Ignite Greer!
The Brew Abbeville, Anderson, Greenwood, Laurens, & Spartanburg

Are you looking for ways to engage your businesses around a common goal while also building a supportive community?

Try The Brew!

All of the Upstate cities above launched Brews to connect their community to local businesses. The audience provides advice on issues presented by the featured business owner. Talk about connecting!

“The Brew is an organic way to build a strong community within your community! The purpose of the program is to engage entrepreneurs with the community and by doing that, you are building equity and relationships in your community that otherwise may have never occurred.” - Caroline Gaddis, The Brew Founder and Regional Director
Caroline Gaddis spoke with Erin about The Brew and how it can help a community strengthen the bonds between their locally-owned businesses.
Read about our amazing accomplishments in Ten at the Top's 2021 Year in Review!
Look who is visiting the Upstate!
This is a bubble map of where visitors to the
Start-GrowUpstate site originated.
Be a Better Ecosystem Builder
Startup Champions Network
Spring 2022 Summit
April 4-6, 2022
Durham, NC
Remember all of those Zoom meetings in 2020 and 2021?
They are all archived on the TATT website on the Upstate Entrepreneur Ecosystem page. Watch "How to Avoid Intellectual Property Calamities," or download Earl Gregorich's questions to evaluate clients' financial status. It's all online!
Partnering for Entrepreneur Success
Did you know that TATT and the UEE facilitate partnerships to support entrepreneur education around financial literacy?

For this series, the SBDC, SCORE, and WBC developed programming and the UEE coordinated promotion, registration and back-end administration.

This series is engaging, interactive, and targeted to founders who want to learn how to understand their financial position. Ana, Earl and Jerry start with gathering the right information then assist in understanding the story told by the numbers.
Connect | Learn | Empower
March 16, 11:30 a.m.

UEE Quarterly Meeting
Legislative Update with Senator Tim Scott's Deputy Legislative Assistant

Register Now!
April 20, 3:30 p.m.

Innovation Leaders Coalition

April 26, 2:30 p.m.

Rural Entrepreneur Leadership Coalition

Mark Your Calendar!
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