February 6, 2014


One Heart February Newsletter




Woadani Camp Trip


Praise God for His protection, provision, wonders and amazing love.


Woadani Camp 2014, was without a doubt one of the most fulfilling mission trips of my life. It was totally out of my comfort zone and definitive a new experience.


It was a long, long drive. The first day I drove over 12 hours, and we got there late at night. I went right in my tent and crashed.  I even didn't worry about spiders and the hot, humid weather, because of your prayers God had me ready. The Lord did hide the monkeys!


We had over 180 attendees and 63 volunteers from all over Ecuador. It was a larger group than expected. But God showed up again and again.  Every day we were feed spiritually and physically.



I was assigned 2 jobs one was cook/planning/chef and the other one was teaching the 5 years old to 9 years old children during mid-morning. Now I am not the best in the kitchen, although I do love to eat, just not to cook.  Here we I am in charge of cooking for this many people in the jungle with no stove, but over a wood fire and so little utensils and river water!


You all know I just got better from a terrible stomach infection and I was thinking the first day after these poor conditions and little sanitation, I will be dying by the end of the week.  But God showed up once again, through your prayers for me, and I made it with no problem (I do have to take deworming medicine.  I made so many friends but the closest friend I made was Mencay a Woadani leader who I now love and pray for frequently. She lives in Teweno a 3 day walk in the jungle area or a 20 minutes flight from Shell. I can't wait to go back and spent a month in the jungle to share the gospel.


Over 100+ camp attendees made decisions to follow Jesus and during the 6 days of camp they were discipled and fed. Please join me in praying for these new believers, as they grow and mature to become leaders of their communities.


Over all I have to say the Lord is preparing me to become a jungle girl one day.  Every day I am thankful for His unfailing love and my calling to follow Jesus.


I am back home safe and ready to take a couple days of rest to continue my journey. I will be traveling next week to Quito for few day.  Then I will go to the north jungle of Ecuador to visit my relatives and do a follow up with the new believers who live there.


Thank you for your prayers, love and support.


 In His Service
Noris Katerine Aguirre (Katty)         Missionary to Ecuador
Phone: (704) 970-9672
God Bless You!

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