January 28, 2014


One Heart January Newsletter



Praise to the Lord for the 2 weeks I have just spent in Shell Amazon of Ecuador!
During this time, I was blessed to be able to join the Team from Baltimore Pleasant View Baptist Church. We worked  to help the Casa De Fe (House of Faith)  Orphanage with some construction needs.
My back is still hurt from all the shoveling we did in order to build a big wall for the building. :)  We had an amazing time together building walls and relationships!
While there, we ministered to all the many different families of missionaries that were in the  amazon jungle of Ecuador. I felt so blessed to be able to wash the feet of the director's wife of the Nate Saint School.
I shared the Word and my testimony with her, which she then shared, and soon enough I was then asked to speak to 3 different groups of teenagers and children!
After that great week of blessings, I was invited to return to the Amazon. This time we will go deep, deep into the jungle, where spiders, snakes and monkeys live, and sleeping in tents is considered "the fashionable jungle way!"  So I said, "Yes Lord, I will go".  :) 

I am leaving on Wednesday to the Amazon jungle of Ecuador. I will be joining a team of national Ecuadorians and a couple of gringuitos, and we are anticipating being able to minister to over 150 residents, coming from all over the jungle. Some will have to walk hours and some will have to walk 2-3 days to make it to the small community were the Woadani will meet. 
This will be a time to love on them, provide encouragement, and share His love with all! I will be in charge of the teaching for the teenagers. The young gringuito Nate going with me will be helping with the Games Team and cleaning.
The other night, I had a dream that a BIG spider was jumping on my foot. It was so real that I  jumped out of my bed and could not go back to sleep....Please pray for me!


 In His Service
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