July 2014

One Heart June and July Newsletter




Wow! It has been a busy few months, but yet full of great experiences, trials, laughs, tears, joy, and life. I am beyond bless and thankful that God's love has covered me through your prayers and support.

Washington Medical Team
We worked for thirteen days and saw 1400 patients. Every patient received the plan of salvation and many people prayed to receive Christ
Dr. Renee
. There were about 20-30% of those who actually made a profession of faith. The team's main mission was to give hope to the people in the communities where they were able to provide medical attention and plant the seed of salvation. 


I would like to take this opportunity to thank Washington State University and Pullman Regional Hospital, Living Faith Fellowship and the college of ministry training center for consistently serving the needs of the Ecuadorian people both medically and spiritually for over fourteen years.

Dr. Hall


  ear cleaning




School is about 45 minutes from the medical station. The teachers brought 58 students and adults in this truck to receive medical treatments.



group picture


 Hickory Grove Baptist Church Team  ground breaking

A Big thanks to Hickory Grove Baptist Church for getting dirty for God! The team spent the first two days preparing the field for harvest. This team worked tirelessly to clean an alfalfa field and set the first pillars of a new church into the ground of Nitiluisa, Ecuador.  What seemed like an opportunity of frustration became a blessing in disguise as the team was able to dedicate the land and construction to the service of the Lord. On Wednesday, the team spent time in La Providencia going door-to-door inviting people to the center of the community for tconstructionhe purpose of sharing the gospel of Jesus where a lot of people prayed to receive Christ.  That night the team went to Sebadas to attend the dedication of the completion of construction on the church that HGBC sponsored and broke ground on last year. Thursday, the team spent time with the indigenous pastors training them on leadership and mentoring programs to take back to the churches in their communities.  Friday the team toured Guayaquil and returned home. 




Indiginous Pastors and Church Leaders







OHGM Open doors


                  The agricultural community of Nitiluisa desires to establish economic stability through developing the ability to produce and reproduce vegetables, potatoes and livestock. A community leader reached out to OHGM in hope that the ministry would be able to equip and disciple the members of his church. This summer the foundation was laid for the community church.  Currently the church is looking for a pastor. There are 60 to 100 members in this church whose goal is to reach the 1000 people in the community. In partnership with the First Baptist Church of Riobamba, we have begun teaching and developing discipleship trainings to equip the new church in spreading the gospel and reaching the community. Please pray for hearts to be open and lives to be changed in the church.


                  Deep within the heart of Chimborazo lays a small community of indigenous people who were dying and in need of a hope and a Savior. For the last two years, the OHGM has taken medical teams to teach the people healthy choices and how to purify the water. Happy Feet International along with West University Baptist Church visited in March from Houston Texas and provided shoes for the children and elders in the community. By meeting the needs of this community, we have been able to create relationships and develop a foundation to share the gospel. The community was able to build a cheese factory where individual families come together to make cheese and baskets to sell in order to bring economic stability to the community and the families. As a result of meeting their needs, the leaders of the community have become Christians and are now in need of building a church. Please pray for this opportunity as OHGM and the community leaders begin preparation for building the church and looking for a pastor.  




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