March 14, 2014

One Heart March Newsletter



Going back where my folks live always brings up mixed feelings, but once I get there I want to stay--even though the journey takes me DEEP into the jungle! :)  My heart is in love with these people and it is so hard to imagine how much more God loves them.


Preparing for my trip, I went to the store to buy groceries for my folks. I only had a $100 budget for this, but while shopping it seemed that the Lord kept sending me a strong impression in my heart that I should fill up a couple more grocery carts. Now I knew that I didn't have that kind of money, but I obeyed and ended up with 3 full grocery carts and off I went!  The journey into the jungle was long and difficult, but I wasn't alone!


Traveling alongside my brothers and nephews, we made our way through the rough terrain. The mud was so deep, that at times it was up to our knees and other times it was up to our hips!

My little brother announced that "It's acceptable to fall 2 times!"  Now you can imagine how thinking about this made me laugh EVEN more each time I fell! :) 


As we got closer to my father's house, we started to see people coming out of the jungle. To my surprise, they were also heading towards my father's house. Some started following us and it wasn't long until we arrived safely, groceries and all!  After seeing the number of people beginning to gather, I knew why God had told me to buy more food! 


What a beautiful experience this became as we had food enough to share and were able to feed more than 15 extra people. God was showing his love of these people through food, but more importantly everyone also ended up being spiritually fed as well!  


During our meal, I shared my testimony and taught about faithfulness. Everyone was smiling, started praising God, and began sharing testimonies with each other. It was all very powerful to hear!
It was amazing to see that those I had visited in October, were still growing in the Word and now were testifying of God's peace in their households!   


Someone testified of an experience that I had totally forgotten. During my last visit in October, there was a lady

who had a very bad limp, but still came to listen to the Word. After walking for an hour or so, she asked if I could pray with her, and so I did. Well my friends, PRAISE BE TO GOD--this woman is limping no more!    

God is so AMAZING and his unfailing love endures forever! I am now back in Riobamba, but I can't wait to go back to the jungle again!  



My heart is full of joy for my brothers Marcelo, Alfredo, their wives, and children as they have been having bible studies in Marcelo's home every Tuesday night! Please join me in prayers that they will continue growing in the Lord and also for the Maust family (from the International Missions Board) who are the wonderful missionaries teaching them.  



I would love for you to join me now in prayer and support of One Heart! 
This weekend we have a team from one of our partners Happy Feet Ministry. They are coming from Houston, Texas. Please join us in prayers for safety,
open hearts, and a life changing experiences for all the team members.


I have said "Here I am Lord" and it seems that I am being called to visit people at the hospital. Please also join me in prayer for my landlord's family as they are being taught the Word right now and many others are joining them!

Friends, I can't emphasize it enough, but the need is so great right now!    Please don't forget that we need YOUR prayers!  THANK YOU!

 In His Service
Noris Katerine Aguirre (Katty)         Missionary to Ecuador
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God Bless You!

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