October 17, 2013


One Heart October Newsletter



It's been 2 months since I moved to Riobamba.  The truth is that now that I'm more used to living here, I can say with joy in my heart that I'm loving living here.  The Lord continues to open doors.  I've been able to visit communities we've ministered to before and also new communities where there is not a Body of Christ.  I can say very humbly that now that pastors know I'm here, I've been invited to special prayer services.  One special one meets 4am to 6am on Sunday just to pray and then they have their regular service.  If there was and complaint on my heart of sometimes services being too long, now I have learned a new perspective of serving J  I am loving it, but still the cold weather for a cold natured girl is hard.

This past week I had the honor of helping a beautiful family from the states move to the coast of Ecuador.  I'm so glad the Lord has brought them here to bless this country.




Good News and Shoes shared with my father's village.


Visiting my family:

I did not grow up with close relatives, but I do have a good relationship with my 4 brothers and a growing relationship with my earthly father.  It is because of the love of Jesus I love them with all my heart.  I went for a visit last week to find that my father has moved into his farm which is really deep in the jungle.  There's no electricity, no running water, no basic services, only nature.  I have to share with you that I have been in the mission field for over 12 years now and for a long time I haven't seen this much need.  It crushed my heart.  Here I have been the connection, by the grace of God, helping so many and there I was with my own father living in so much poverty.  My 2 older brothers traveled together to visit him.  There is not a road to get there.  We were very grateful our 2 youngest brothers, 7 and 16 years old, came to lead us to their house.  There is a point where only 4x4 trucks can make it, then you leave the vehicle and walk hard for one hour.  For a few feet there is a trail and then it's gone, then you work to avoid whatever is in the way to make it through.  Over all it was a fun experience.  My 7 year old brother kept telling me we're almost there, but man it was hard to get there!  Our father was so happy to see us!  The next day my brothers and I decided we could meet some needs and off we stared that journey again.  This time we brought back a horse, 700m of electrical cable, water hose, etc.  All of this was a surprise for my father.  When he saw the horse he said, "this is the best gift I have ever received!"  Tears came welling up inside me.  He and my youngest brothers have been carrying everything on their shoulders for the last 6 months, on a very difficult trail where you have to cross 3 streams of water.  I am so thankful and grateful to God that when I don't have the finances to help, He sells a couple of His cows so this could happen.





Last weekend I returned to my father's jungle J to take some shoes and clothes for my folks and for the people that live in the area.  And the best of the best is that it was a great opportunity to share the Gospel and give Bibles to them.  Yes, I did hike back into the jungle and camped under my father's house. ( my father's house is too small).   We rented 3 mules, plus my father's horse so we could bring the shoes and all the blessings to be given away.  I am so excited about the Lord's provision and these blessings.

Busy days!  I drove back to Quito to pick up one of my families from the USA; Papa Dale, Mama Joanne Hunt and Miss Carol Arnold.  Miss Arnold will be the speaker on October 18 and 19 for a couples retreat.  We are expecting 150 to 200 couples, so please join us in prayer for this event to bring glory to God.

My trip to the US this year is in my Heavenly Father's Hand.  My current visa is still good for this trip.  Please pray that the visa we're in the process of requesting will be ready by the time I return to Ecuador.  Please help me pray for the mission field I'm to focus on here and for organization skills as I leave everything for a couple of months. 



More pictures:

Mt. Chimborazo is the point on the earth that is    closest to the moon. (Not Mt. Everest)
My fathers's new horse and my little     brother.

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