Annual Ecumenical Lenten Carbon Fast
Day 16: What you can do today

More than likely, you know someone who is already affected by fracking. Spend 30 minutes learning about fracking:  Have a look at Yoko Ono's poster: Imagine there's no fracking . Learn how fracking releases methane, a greenhouse gas between 72-105 times as powerful as carbon dioxide.  Watch the movie Gasland:


This week's theme for your church

Advocating & Activism - Investing & Divesting  

Every time your congregation gathers to worship, consider making the first announcement something like this:  As we do every week, I'd like to ask those who contacted either their congress-person or the White House this past week to advocate for new laws that will make our earth sustainable to please rise - as you are able - and receive our applause. Thank you, and I hope to see all of you rise next week.

What would happen if this became the first announcement at every religious gathering - whether in a church, synagogue, or mosque - across the country?

MACUCC Green Congregations item (Level II, #7)

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