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January 2016   

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It is with great excitement that we start the new year with a new product: CMX. CMX is the student companion to our Curriculum Matrix product. The official unveiling of our CMX product will occur at the BETT conference in London January 20th-23rd. We couldn't be more thrilled to begin 2016 by launching this long-needed product. Please see details below in the 'EdGate Services' section.  


As always, EdGate is your source for staying current with new developments in education and the impact of educational standards.




Gina Faulk
EdGate General Manager


Client Solution 
Computer Science & Coding Curriculum: Going Global

Around the world, educational bodies are responding to the needs of technology savvy students. The UK, in September 2014, adopted coding curriculum for all students beginning when they first enter school; mandatory for key stages 1 & 2, with plenty of upper level opportunities in key stages 3 & 4. Australia has replaced history and geography with coding with their new digital technologies curriculum. This ensures that 21st century computer coding will be taught in primary schools from Year 5, and programming will be taught from Year 7.

In the US, some are beginning to focus on curriculums that are more STEM oriented and courses that include actual coding. One example is in Chicago School classrooms, where computer science and coding are becoming more commonplace. In fact, their intention is to make computing a graduation requirement. California is considering letting high school computer science classes, like coding, count as graduation requirements under the math umbrella. Thirteen Richmond Virginia high schools are coming together in order to create a regional focus on computer science. The Avondale School District in Arizona has already made coding mandatory in their K-8 curriculum.

EdGate's standards repository allows clients the opportunity to request and have their content correlated to up and coming standards, staying pace with the educational pulse.
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Hot Topic 
Every Student Succeeds Act [ESSA]

The new Every Student Succeeds Act [ESSA] recently passed by Congress enhances the authority of states and school districts for elementary and secondary education.  A replacement of the No Child Left Behind [NCLB] act, the new law takes effect in the 2017-2018 school year when a new president and education secretary will be in office. The ESSA focus is on accountability and testing, teacher quality, research, regulation, funding, early-childhood education, and achievement of those students who lag behind grade-level expectations.  Furthermore, the ESSA has significant changes to how schools can use dollars set aside for economically disadvantaged students, specifically use of Title I aid.  The new law allows the flexibility for more funds to go directly to programs for low-income families and other students who may have disadvantages. ESSA also removes the requirement for standardized test scores being used in teacher-evaluations. At the same time, while NCLB required annual tests to measure student progress in math and English, ESSA changes the frequency of testing to the state's discretion. Under ESSA, states must also adopt "challenging" academic standards and the U.S. Secretary of Education cannot influence the decision for use of any one set of standards over another. 

More information on the ESSA can be found at: 
Project Manager

Teaching Trends 
Importance of Financial Literacy for our High School Graduates
Financial Literacy is being recognized as a platform that can have a diverse effect on our students in paths they pursue post-graduation. Release of the "Champlain College 2015 National Report Card" on state efforts to improve Financial Literacy in High Schools has many states coming up short. Reporting almost 50% of states are failing to provide adequate financial education to their High School students and as a lost opportunity to further assist their ultimate financial success, contribution to a positive economy and career readiness. This emulates the "2015 Consumer Financial Literacy Survey" that states 41% of adults selecting a C, D, or F on their personal finance knowledge and stunning numbers on retirement, savings, budgets and debt among adults. Utah is rated with an A+ and is a clear guide for other states in successful Financial Literacy of K-12 students. With attention on Financial Literacy and debates heating up among state legislatures, focus is returning to the positive impact of educating K-12 students in personal finance.
For a copy of the 2015 National Report Card please visit:
Please feel free to contact any of us here at Edgate Correlation Services for information on how we can correlate your financial literacy content to standards.

Project Manager
In This Issue
Top Stories 
Are Your Periodic Tables Out of Date?

The International Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry recently announced four new "super-heavy" elements will be added to the periodic table.
President Obama commits to more Computer Science in Education

In his final State of the Union address, the president said that "helping students learn to write computer code" is among his goals for the year ahead.  

Education Differences in G-20 Countries

The National Center on Education Statistics released a report on comparisons between education in the United States and the G-20 countries. "The U.S. stands out, both positively and negatively."

What's New
EdGate will be attending the BETT Conference January 20-23, 2016 in London. 
Please contact us 
if you plan to be there!

EdGate Services 
A new year, a new product: CMX

The Curriculum Matrix was created over a decade ago as a much needed resource for educators to easily access standards-aligned open educational resources. However, we often heard the questions, "Is there a student interface? Can I make assignments to my students and track their progress?" With the release of CMX this January, EdGate has fulfilled these and many more feature requests.

CMX is the student version of our Curriculum Matrix product. Students use streamlined, simple-to-use search capabilities to access student-facing educational content anytime, anywhere. Resources include games, quizzes, interactive exercises, and videos. CMX can be used independently or in tandem with the pupil's teacher. Students are able to pick up and complete digital assignments made by their teacher and use helpful tools such as Favorites, Folders, Bookmarking, and Sharing.
CMX works in coordination with our existing product, the Curriculum Matrix, a repository of over 500,000 grade-specific, standards-aligned OER and free resources.  Within the Curriculum Matrix, teachers make assignments to CMX users and track individual or whole class progress. 
With alignments to thousands of standards, including international standards, CMX reinforces the power of the Curriculum Matrix and folds in a new set of key users: students.
For more information or a demonstration, please contact us.
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Standards Update 

Updates to The EdGate Standards Repository include:
  • Alabama - Science (2015)
  • Arkansas - Early Childhood Education (Infant/Toddler 2002)
  • Georgia - Mathematics (October 2015)
  • Missouri - Early Childhood Education (Infant/Toddler 2013)
  • National Curriculum of Ireland - English (2015 Junior Cycle Grades 7-9)
  • Nebraska - Early Childhood Education (Infant/Toddler 2013)
  • North Dakota - Early Childhood Education (Infant/Toddler 2010)
  • Vermont - Early Childhood Education (Infant/Toddler 2015)
  • Virginia - Social Studies (2015)
  • Virginia - World Languages (ASL 1998)
North Dakota Career Technical Education
  • Agriculture Education (ND)
  • Business Education (ND)
  • Career Development (ND)
  • Family & Consumer Sciences Education (ND)
  • Health Sciences Education (ND)
  • Information Technology Education (ND)
  • Marketing Education (ND)
  • Technology & Engineering Education (ND)
  • Trade, Industry & Technical Education (ND)
Virginia Career Technical Education
  • Agriculture, Food and Natural Resources (VA)
  • Architecture and Construction (VA)
  • Arts, Audio/Video Technology and Communications (VA)
  • Business Management and Administration (VA)
  • Education and Training (VA)
  • Finance (VA)
  • Government and Public Administration (VA)
  • Health Science (VA)
  • Hospitality and Tourism (VA)
  • Human Services (VA)
  • Information Technology (VA)
  • Law, Public Safety, Corrections and Security (VA)
  • Manufacturing (VA)
  • Marketing (VA)
  • Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (VA)
  • Transportation, Distribution and Logistics (VA)
West Virginia Career Technical Education
  • Agriculture, Food & Natural Resources (WV)
  • Architecture and Construction (WV)
  • Arts, A/V Technology & Communications (WV)
  • Business Management & Administration (WV)
  • Education & Training (WV)
  • Government & Public Administration (WV)
  • Health Science (WV)
  • Hospitality & Tourism (WV)
  • Human Services (WV)
  • Information Technology (WV)
  • Law, Public Safety, Corrections & Security (WV)
  • Manufacturing (WV)
  • Marketing (WV)
  • Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics (WV)
  • Transportation, Distribution & Logistics (WV)
Kristie McCarley

Standards and Operations Manager
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