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June 2016   
Greetings everyone,
In this month's newsletter, we focus on the most recent education news pertaining to EdGate's involvement in the Reach Higher App Challenge (Hot Topic); The Gates Foundation "Lesson in Education" (Client Solution); Digital Content Trends (Teaching Trends); ISTE 2016 (EdGate Services); and following up with new additions to the EdGate Standards Repository (Standards Update).
As always, EdGate is your source for staying current with new developments in education and the impact of educational standards.


Gina Faulk
EdGate General Manager  

Hot Topic 
U.S. Department of Education selects INFORM Journeys as a challenge finalist; powered by EdGate CTE standards and standards-aligned OER
We are delighted to announce that INFORM Journeys (created by parent company, EDMIN) has been named as a top five finalist in a national competition to create an app that will help students navigate education and career pathways, including career and technical education (CTE). First Lady Michele Obama launched the Reach Higher Career App challenge in Fall 2015 asking for companies to create and submit apps to help students prepare for the future. EdGate's repository of CTE standards and other educational standards and our database of open educational resources (OER) has been incorporated inside the Journeys product. Plans are in the works to partner with publishers who may want to include their resources in the App so that students can readily find the right standards-aligned content at the right time.

The culmination of the challenge will be on demo. day at the White House in July. Best of luck team!

General Manager

Client Solution 
The Gates Foundation "Lesson in Education"

The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation CEO, Sue Desmond-Hellmann, shares their work in education in an open letter titled "Lessons in U.S. Education". She targets the need for online, digital resource materials teachers can utilize and the struggles associated with 'system-wide' change. 

Kentucky's success is used as an example of the positive impact when an educational community is engaged with embracing Common Core - teachers, parents, and school leaders working together towards the common goal of giving their children the best educational environment they can.  Data shows a 6% increase for Kentucky's students meeting three out of four ACT benchmarks for college readiness since 2011.  When one considers all that is involved initially with adopting new standards, and then supporting those standards with solid curriculum, a 6% measured rise in scores within the first 5 years is impressive!  EdGate has much to offer in terms of digital resource materials, with a large database of classroom-ready content in more than just the 4-core subject areas, available online with the
Curriculum Matrix, as well as the new CMX student version.

EdGate's team of subject matter experts (former teachers) has spent years vetting and curating the finest quality resources and then aligning that content to Common Core and many other sets of state-specific standards.  We know firsthand how laborious it can be to find high quality OER and other freely available resources.  That's why we are so proud to share Curriculum Matrix and CMX--from one group of educators to another.  
Science Project Manager
Teaching Trends 
Digital Content Trends   

As electronics continue to be an integral part of everyday life, school districts are leveraging options for online solutions to supplement traditional materials. More schools are even accepting personal electronic devices as a viable platform to deliver education materials directly into the hands of students. This a quite a change from 2010 when 69% of U.S. schools had a ban on personal electronics, in 2016, that number is down to 11%.

In 2016, the K-12 IT Leadership Survey was distributed to 120,000 U.S. school system technology leaders, and more than 500 surveys were completed. The survey is intended to highlight trends and changes in the industry.

The survey asked participants to indicate their top three priorities from a list of 20 options. The survey found that broadband and network capacity, wireless access and mobile learning were the first, second and third priorities respectively among IT leaders. Assessment readiness was not listed as a priority as it had been in previous reports.

The survey also found that:
  • 64% of respondents said that privacy and student data is more important than last year;
  • close to 90% expect their instructional materials to be 50% digitized within the next three years;
  • nearly all respondents expect to use open educational resources (OER) throughout the upcoming three years, with 45% expecting digital content to be at least 50 percent OER.
The full K-12 IT Leadership Survey Report is available for a free download on the  CoSN site.
By: Alex Alo
Digital Content and Art Project Manager

In This Issue
Top Stories 
Career and technical education for individuals with autism

A recent survey indicates Americans with disabilities are ready to contribute to the workforce. For students with disabilities, participation in CTE programs could be a part of the students' transition into the workforce. 
North Dakota no longer using Common Core

North Dakota's review committee began the rewrite process for the state standards.  "We will be producing a superior set of North Dakota standards for our public schools," says the North Dakota Superintendent of Public Instruction.

Ohio set to lower math standards amid test-score drops

The Ohio State Board of Education is expected to lower minimum proficiency standards.  This raises concerns about whether the benchmarks accurately assess students college and career readiness.

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EdGate Services 

ISTE 2016 
The EdGate sales team is preparing for the ISTE conference in Colorado next week and would love the opportunity to meet with you!
If you are exhibiting or simply planning to attend, it would be a pleasure to connect face-to-face and discuss the range of services we have for publishers and LMS providers alike.
For reference, here are some of the services and products we offer:
  • Standards licensing from our repository of over 3 million standards;
  • Content alignment by EdGate's team of subject experts;
  • Resource licensing from our OER library;
  • Taxonomy development and licensing;
  • ExACT Alignment Tool for do-it-yourself correlations;
  • Correlation User Interface development for your website;
For more information on these and other services, or to schedule an appointment with Denise or Tracy at ISTE, please contact at (866) 405-3357 or contact us. We look forward to seeing you next week!
Please feel free to reach our Sales and Marketing Team for any of your correlating needs:

Denise Maria
Account Manager 
Gina Faulk 
General Manager 
Tracy Olstad,  
Account Manager 
Standards Update 

Updates to The EdGate Standards Repository include:
  • Arkansas Standards - Mathematics (2016)
  • California Standards - Early Childhood Education (2009 Infant/Toddler)
  • College Board AP Physics C - Science (2014)
  • HiSET Test Specification - Language Arts (2016)
  • HiSET Test Specification - Mathematics (2016)
  • Illinois Standards - Health and PE (2014)
  • Mississippi Standards - Language Arts (2016)
  • Mississippi Standards - Mathematics (2016)
  • Missouri Standards - Language Arts (2016)
  • Missouri Standards - Mathematics (2016)
  • Missouri Standards - Science (2016)
  • TASC Test Specification - Language Arts (2016)
  • TASC Test Specification - Mathematics (2016)
  • TSI Gold Objectives - Early Childhood Education (2013)
  • Washington D.C. Standards - Science (2013)
  • Wyoming Standards - Early Childhood Education (2015)
Kristie McCarley

Standards and Operations Manager
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