Revolutionizing Digital Reading
Revolutionizing Digital Reading
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June 2015 

EdTech Fund Closes Bridge Financing for LiquidText

Enterprise solution for professionals to analyze complex digital documents 


LiquidText, the next generation digital reading platform for professionals, has closed a bridge financing round led by The EdTech Fund.  


LiquidText gives readers the tools to focus on what matters and read in ways not possible on paper. Professionals, such as attorneys and financial analysts, can better digest, synthesize and collaborate over digital text, and content providers receive unprecedented data and insight into how their content is used. 


Readers often print documents because, to date, reading on digital devices has not met our psychological and cognitive requirements. LiquidText brings together the simplicity and familiarity of paper with the full potential of technology so that readers are able to maintain a holistic view of their annotations and notes, rapidly navigate through documents, compare distant sections side-by-side and never lose context. 


LiquidText's first release, an iPad app, is currently in beta (request access here) and will be publicly released this summer. Support for other platforms, such as desktops, will follow.


The company is now embarking on a series Seed financing round to finance product development, focusing on an enterprise platform ideal for attorneys and finance professionals.  


About the EdTech Fund

The EdTech Fund is a New York based venture capital firm that invests in seed stage education technology companies.  The firm's partners invest their own capital in each company, and when there is room for other investors to participate, we contact our large network of high net worth individuals and family offices to let them know.  If interested, those accredited investors can invest directly in the start-up.  EdTech Fund does not charge any finder fees or profit share.  We work very hard to make our portfolio companies successful.  Bringing additional capital to the companies is part of that effort.  We sometimes put in place advisory services agreements with our portfolio companies in exchange for equity.  Those advisory services can include business and strategic planning, team building/hiring, product development, partnership development, sales & marketing, financial forecasting and introductions to our vast network of senior executives in the publishing and financial services industries.


If you are an accredited investor interested in investing in Education Technology, please email stan@theedtechfund.com


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