...helping caregivers so they can better help their loved ones.
Are you a caregiver in Richmond Hill, Pembroke, Effingham or Liberty Co.?
The Edel Caregiver Institute will now be available to meet with caregivers at the following United Way Service Center locations from 9:30am-3:30pm:

Bryan County / South : Wednesday, January 8th
9611 Ford Ave, Richmond Hill (second Wednesday monthly)

Effingham County : Thursday, January 9th
711 Zitterour Drive, Rincon (second Thursday monthly)

Liberty County : Tuesday, January 21st
301 Fairhope Lane, Hinesville (third Tuesday monthly)

Bryan County / North : Thursday, January 16th
40 South Industrial Blvd, Pembroke (third Thursday monthly

Please contact Jill Costello at 912-629-1331 or email:  JCostello@EdelCaregiverInstitute.org  for assistance or to schedule an office appointment.
Caregiver Fellowship and
On-Site Assistance
The Frank G. Murray Community Center
Thursday, January 2nd
9:30 - 11:30am

Due to our usual first Wednesday meeting time falling on New Years Day, for January only we will be meeting on Thursday, January 2nd.
Caregivers are friends, relatives, in-laws, and spouses – anyone who provides assistance to another, in whatever capacity and whatever their relationship, with no financial benefits.

9:30 – 10:30am: Caregiver Fellowship  … Are you gradually feeling more alone — that those around you just don’t seem to get what you are going through? Join us for a safe place to connect with other caregivers who truly understand. Learn and discover strength, emotional support, and a necessary sense of community with like-minded people. This group is non-disease specific to encourage caregivers to focus on their own concerns and circumstances.

10:30 – 11:30am: On-Site Assistance  … Meet one-on-one with a representative from the Edel Caregiver Institute to discuss your personal caregiver journey and how we may be of assistance in providing resources, education, and support.
For more information, contact The Frank G. Murray Community Center at 912-898-3320
or Jill Costello at the Edel Caregiver Institute at 912-629-1331 or  JCostello@EdelCaregiverInstitute.org
Are you gradually feeling more alone?
Do those around you just not seem to get what you are going through? 
How about an hour to focus on YOUR needs while meeting like-minded caregivers to share information and coping skills? These groups are non-disease specific to encourage caregivers to focus on their own concerns and circumstances. If you are a caregiver in need of support, please join us at any or all of the following monthly meetings facilitated by the Edel Caregiver Institute. ALL SUPPORT GROUPS ARE OPEN TO THE COMMUNITY.
Caregiver support groups are made possible due to generous funding from the Oaks at Pooler.
The Demere Center for Living
at 6000 Business Center Drive

Tuesday, January 14th
(second Tuesday monthly)

Monday, January 27th
(fourth Monday monthly)

Additional Info: Jill Costello at 912-629-1331 or JCostello@EdelCaregiverInstitute.org

The Suites at Station Exchange
Wednesday, January 8th
(second Wednesday monthly)

3205 TSX Grand Central, Richmond Hill
For additional info contact Station Exchange Senior Care at 912-445-2425
The ALS Association holds their monthly support group
at the Demere Center for Living in Savannah on the second Tuesday of each month.
Please contact the ALS Care Services team if you have any questions: 888-636-9940 or 404-636-9909 or  careservices@alsaga.org
On-Site Caregiver Assistance for Resident Families
The Edel Caregiver Institute is partnering with the following assisted living facilities to provide one-on-one care consulting for resident families. Please note the specified times and contact information for more information.
Savannah Commons
Monday, January 6th from 10:00am-12:00pm
(first Monday monthly)
Contact LeRia Hudgins at 912-927-0500 or email: LeRia.Hudgins@SavannahCommons.com for more information.
Sunabella at Savannah Memory Care
Tuesday, January 7th from 1:00pm-3:00pm
(first Tuesday monthly)
Contact Joyce Crowder-McBride at 912-925-3494 or email: Joyce.Crowder-McBride@SunabellaAtSavannah .com for more information.
Oaks at Pooler
Tuesday, January 14th from 12:30-3:30pm
(second Tuesday monthly)
Contact Kim Keough at 912-348-2360 or email:  Kim.Keough@OaksSeniorLiving.com  for more information.
Buckingham South
Due to the MLK holiday, on-site assistance will resume in February on Monday the 17th from 1:00-3:00pm
(third Monday monthly)
Contact Janet Sweeney at 912-355-5550 for more information.
Caregiver Assistance at the
Lewis Cancer & Research Pavilion
Due to the MLK holiday, on-site assistance will resume in February on Monday the 17th
(third Monday monthly)

LCRP is located at 225 Candler Drive in Savannah.
Please contact Sarah Copeland at 912-819-5167 or email: CopelandSa@sjchs.org for more information.
Caregiver Stress Relief: Schedule some relaxation time just for you!   

 Restorative Yoga and Deep Relaxation
Thursday mornings from 9:30 - 10:30am
at the Edel Caregiver Institute
Join us for a yoga session that is focused on relaxation and quieting the mind.  This is not a stretching class , instead props such as bolsters and blankets are used to support the body. This allows the breath to move freely, encouraging the muscles to relax, and the mind to quiet. Within a short time, this practice encourages you to become submerged in a deeply relaxed state and drop into the silent space within.  No previous experience is necessary. Dress comfortably.
Please contact Elizabeth at 912-629-1069 or email: EBrodhead@HospiceSavannah.org for more information.
Have you ever left a doctor's appointment with more concerns or questions than before you went in?
Perhaps you felt rushed or were embarrassed, even hesitant to ask for more details?
Project Sherpa

Would you find it helpful if a doctor accompanied you and/or your care recipient to their next medical appointment to be an advocate on your behalf? Project Sherpa's retired medical professional volunteers do just that at no charge ! Your Sherpa will help ask questions and gather all the facts so that, together, you can make the best medical decisions for your, or your loved one's care.  Click here  for more information or call our office at 912-629-1331.
A complimentary service of the Edel Caregiver Institute.
While there is no charge for our classes or support groups, we gratefully accept donations.
Please contact Jill at 912-629-1331 or by e-mailing JCostello@EdelCaregiverInstitute.org with questions or concerns.

Unless otherwise noted events are held at the Edel Caregiver Institute located at 6000 Business Center Drive, Savannah 31405.
Visit us online at www.EdelCaregiverInstitute.org