...helping caregivers so they can better help their loved ones.
What is Serious Illness Management?

Also known as Palliative or Progressive Care, Serious Illness Management is a team of specialists who treat and support patients who have a serious, progressive illness to help aggressively manage symptoms. The Serious Illness (Palliative Care) physician works alongside your current team of physicians to specifically manage your symptoms and in a way your other specialists may not consider. They take the time to discuss your goals of care, including medication reconciliation, dietary evaluation, completion of a POLST form, Advance Directive, and family support needs.
While your current physician is treating your disease to make the disease better, the Serious Illness (Palliative Care) physician is working to make you *FEEL* better.
Also available to you as part of the Serious Illness Team are a social worker to assist with resources and a chaplain to assist with spiritual needs. As with other specialists, appointments are covered by Medicare, Medicaid, and most private insurances.
Find out more about this extra layer of support provided by the Steward Center for Palliative Care by visiting www.StewardCenter.org or call 912.354.8014.
Caregiver Support Groups
Are you gradually feeling more alone?
Do those around you just not seem to get what you are going through?
How about an hour to focus on YOUR needs while meeting like-minded caregivers to share information and coping skills? These groups are non-disease specific to encourage caregivers to focus on their own concerns and circumstances. If you are a caregiver in need of support, please join us at any or all of the following monthly meetings facilitated by the Edel Caregiver Institute:
Demere Center for Living
Tuesday, July 9th ... 10-11am
Monday, July 22nd ... 1-2pm
6000 Business Center Dr., Savannah
Contact Jill Costello at 912-629-1331 or
Skidaway Island Presbyterian Church
Thursday, July 18th ... 1-2pm
Jami Murray from Coastal Home Care will discuss being a caregiver while holding down a career.
54 Diamond Causeway, Savannah
Contact Melissa Gaule with Coastal Care Partners at 912-314-1192 or email: M.Gaule@CoastalCarePartners.com
** Summer Breeze
Monday, July 22nd ... 10-11am
351 Wilmington Island Rd, Savannah
Contact Kelly Hagan at 912-898-9387 or
to register your loved one for care as you attend support group.
** Shepherd Living at
Savannah Quarters
Tuesday, July 23rd ... 10-11am
101 Shepherd Way, Pooler
Contact Viv Rahn at 912-663-5026 or
email: VRahn@LiveShepherd.com to register your loved one for care as you attend support group.
On-Site Caregiver Assistance for Resident Families
The Edel Caregiver Institute and Savannah Commons are pleased to announce a wonderful new partnership to assist resident families. The first Monday of the month from 10:30am - 1:30pm we are offering one-on-one care consulting on-site at Savannah Commons.
Contact Joyce Crowder-McBride at 912-927-0500 or email: Joyce.Crowder-McBride@savannahcommons.com for more information.
The Edel Caregiver Institute is also working with Oaks at Pooler to provide assistance to their resident families.
The second Tuesday of the month from 12:30 - 3:30pm , we will be available for one-on-one caregiver consulting on-site at Oaks at Pooler.
Please contact Kim Keough at 912-348-2360 or email: Kim.Keough@OaksSeniorLiving.com for more information.
Caregiver Stress Relief: Schedule some relaxation time just for you!   

 Restorative Yoga and Deep Relaxation
Thursday mornings from 9:30 - 10:30am

Join us for a yoga session that is focused on relaxation and quieting the mind.  This is not a stretching class , instead props such as bolsters and blankets are used to support the body. This allows the breath to move freely, encouraging the muscles to relax, and the mind to quiet. Within a short time, this practice encourages you to become submerged in a deeply relaxed state and drop into the silent space within.  No previous experience is necessary. Dress comfortably.
Have you ever left a doctor's appointment with more concerns or questions than before you went in?
Perhaps you felt rushed or were embarrassed, even hesitant to ask for more details?
Project Sherpa
A complimentary service of the Edel Caregiver Institute

Would you find it helpful if a doctor accompanied you and/or your care recipient to their next medical appointment to be an advocate on your behalf? Project Sherpa's retired medical professional volunteers do just that at no charge ! Your Sherpa will help ask questions and gather all the facts so that, together, you can make the best medical decisions for your, or your loved one's care.  Click here  for more information or call our office at 912-629-1331.
The Edel Caregiver Institute Caregiver & Patient Advocacy app is available for download on your iOS or Android phone!

This app offers local resources and information to help all non-professional caregivers learn how to best deal with impending or current caregiving challenges and needs. It also offers resources and helpful links for patients themselves. We are grateful to our local partners – primarily  St. Joseph’s/Candler , the  United Way of the Coastal Empire  and many other service agencies for their collaboration on this ground-breaking community resource. We know you will find it useful in your medical or caregiving journey. Download it today!

For Android users, please  visit this link to download.
For iOS users, the app will be available in the Apple Store soon. In the interim, access by opening your Safari browser to  visit this link , then just click on the icon below and “Add to Home Screen.”
While there is no charge for our classes or support groups, we gratefully accept donations.
Please register in advance by calling 912-629-1331 or by e-mailing Jill at  JCostello@EdelCaregiverInstitute.org with your name and contact information.

Unless otherwise noted all classes are held at the Edel Caregiver Institute located at 6000 Business Center Drive, Savannah 31405.
Visit us online at www.EdelCaregiverInstitute.org

The Edel Caregiver Institute is part of the Hospice Savannah, Inc. continuum of care.