When To Call In Additional Help
As caregivers, many of you on a daily basis are stressed, frustrated, and even overwhelmed with caring for your loved one.  While this has perhaps become an unwelcomed “normal”, it doesn’t have to be. Extra help is available, not only for you, the caregiver, but help for your loved one as well.

Would you find it helpful to have your loved one’s medications managed and paid for? Could your loved one benefit from access to durable medical equipment like hospital beds, wheelchairs, bedside commodes and shower chairs; all free of charge and delivered straight into your home?  Would you be interested in certified nursing assistants (CNA) coming into your home to assist with bathing and other difficult activities of daily living? Would it give you peace of mind to have direct access to a nurse, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, who can assess your loved one’s needs to ensure clinical symptoms are controlled and well managed?

Out of all of the choices you could make, only Hospice Savannah and the Edel Caregiver Institute have all of these options and more to offer when your loved one’s chronic illness is more than you can deal with by yourself.  Please know that you are entitled to a hospice benefit that is part of your Medicare, Medicaid, VA and/or private insurance coverage. Most of these insurances pay for most, if not all hospice services.

While many people believe that hospice is something used only in the final days of life, Hospice Savannah provides a continuum of care including clinical and non-clinical services to enhance quality of life for your loved one as well as other family members who may be impacted by chronic illness and suffering. Hospice Savannah’ s home care can take place in your own home, the homes of friends or other relatives, independent retirement communities, assisted living facilities and even in nursing homes. 

You and your family will have full access to a social worker and chaplain to assist with the social, emotional, and spiritual aspects of caring for your loved one.  Trained volunteers provide companionship during short periods of time free of charge; thus providing much needed relief for caregivers.  Other offerings include the services of a certified music therapist, certified massage therapist, story keeping, and pet therapy.

Notably, Hospice Savannah is the only hospice to be licensed by the State of Georgia and accredited by the Joint Commission , meaning our organization is committed to complying with the highest national standards to continually provide safe, high-quality patient care.

Hospice Savannah offers so much more; not just for you and your loved one, but your entire family. We truly have something for everyone.
For more information on these services and how we may be of assistance to you, your loved one and family, please reach out to
Jill Costello at 912-629-1331 or JCostello@EdelCaregiverInstitute.org
The Edel Caregiver Institute is part of the Hospice Savannah Inc. continuum of care.