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AlignedGet Aligned

It's an unfortunate truth that the list of the books you sell and the list of the books you stock will often be two pretty different lists. Arguably, the more aligned those lists are, the more profitable your store will be. 

Without the proper tools, you may not have the information you need to fix that misalignment. This is a core function of Edelweiss+Analytics. Below, learn how to use these tools to balance your inventory:

mappingMapping Your Store Categories

All publishers classify their titles using industry-standard BISAC codes. You'll see these codes in Edelweiss here:

When you filter by subject and/or genre, these publisher-generated classifications are used for those filters. This may or may not align with how your store is organized. Your store may have a Literary Fiction section, or you may place it in a General Fiction section on your shelves. Each store is different. Adding section codes for the titles you buy is a crucial step before exporting an order to your POS system. Learn more about adding categories here.
You can manually add category codes to each title you buy...  or  you can MAP your categories. This is basically saying, "When I buy a mystery title, automatically tie my store's Point-of-Sale system's mystery section code to that title." For example, if all mystery titles are classified as MYST in your POS system, you can map it automatically. Travel guides can be automatically mapped to your store's travel sections, etc. This takes a bit of a time upfront, but saves a ton of time later on. Of course, you can always edit the category for a specific title anytime if needed.

See step-by-step instructions for mapping your categories here, or watch a video here.
Free Trial of Edelweiss+Analytics (Basecamp)basecamp

If your store has never tried Edelweiss+Analytics before, you're eligible for a free 12-month trial of the Basecamp tier, sponsored by Hachette and Penguin Random House.

Basecamp integrates your POS data into Edelweiss+ so that you can view your inventory and sales history for comparable titles, greatly decreasing time spent researching while building your orders. 

Basecamp is normally $25/mo per store. Learn more about Basecamp here, and see details about compatible point-of-sale systems here.

Once your data is already in Edelweiss, it's easy to give the Summit tier (with the full suite of inventory management tools) a try. Summit starts at $50/mo per store - pricing is determined by a store's gross annual sales. 

Happy reading! 

Joe Foster
Bookseller Success Manager