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Rep Edelweiss Training

Whether you're new or just want to brush up on basics, check out our new training page !

Markup Do’s and Don’ts

What makes an effective markup? Every situation is different, but here are some things to know:
  • Book buyers are known to hide “Content” when scrolling through a catalog. They rely on your markups to introduce them to titles!
  • Creating something, even if it's short, is better than nothing.
  • Make it personal! Buyers can tell when you cut and paste.
  • Buyers filter and refine big catalogs.
  • Priorities are powerful but use judiciously. Always identify featured and highlighted titles.
  • Tags are actionable. If a title can be classified simply, tag it! Examples include: special discount, rep favorite, graphic novel, holiday, regional, bilingual, author tour, etc.
  • Add relevant links to your markup. (Resize if they are too big!)

Personal Notes Are Now Date-Stamped

Many reps make use of personal notes (as opposed to markup notes) to remind themselves of new information during buyer visits. They're now date-stamped to help you stay organized!
Markup Notes for Multiple Formats

A much-requested feature is now live! Need to create markup notes on a paperback, but it’s a drag to search, copy, and paste the markup notes you already created for the hardcover? Now, simply find the hardcover (or any format for which a note is written) in comps or related titles. Click that title, find your note, and add the older note with the + sign. It will then be added to the current title listing!

When you find a new title and you know you’ve written that markup note before…
Find the marked-up title from your comp list or related list. Click it. Add it!
To learn more, go here
Rep Favorite: Bulk Exporting and Importing

If you need to bulk export your contact list (to help a fellow rep!) or share multiple markups with many buyers (individuals, accounts, or groups) check out this help doc.
In a nutshell, work from your People page. Open "Other Actions" to find "Share Multiple Markups."
You can share both catalogs and collections with individuals, groups, or entire accounts. You can even share in-house with one another to lighten to the load of creating markups on your own!

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Darcy Piedmonte
Publisher Success Manager
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