Sales Rep Training

Have you visited our Sales Rep Training page? Whether you’re new to a sales rep role or just want to revisit certain features, we’re here to help!

Award Nominations

Edelweiss+ recently streamlined the nomination process for Library Reads and IndieNext (as well as all awards or honors for Communities to which you might belong). Booksellers and librarians are able to submit their nominations from Edelweiss+ with ease, and they can also view a record of their submissions.
Event Grids

1) Add your Accounts! If a user at one of your accounts wonders why they can't see your grids, be sure to give them access:
2) The event grid submissions report now shows your accounts' city and state in separate columns, making it much easier to filter and sort.

Too Many Emails About New Reviews?

There is now a user preference that allows you to suppress the email alerts you receive whenever a reader submits a review for one of your titles. To access, click the tool icon to the right of your user name to open your preferences. Select Review Submission Emails, and then click Suppress.
Exporting Selected Contacts

Want to export a refined list of individuals in your contact list? Now you can! Just open People>Individuals. Click the arrow to the left of your contacts’ names and then select Export Selected Contacts. 
Sharing Markups

Do you find yourself spending too much time creating markups? Collaborate with your colleagues! You can “share a markup” with a co-worker in the same way you share with a buyer. Detailed information found here .

Some savvy reps export their own markups as a safety net. You can always work on a spreadsheet, combine elements that appeal to you, and import a finished product. Don’t worry; you can import a Catalog Markup to a smaller Collection. Markups are ISBN specific, so only details for relevant titles will appear. If you don’t want to lose your previous work, create a new markup before you begin! More information on importing and exporting markups here
Adding Markups from Other Formats and Shares

If you have already written an awesome markup on a given title, you can add to another format (or another edited markup) by finding your work in the title’s Presentation Mode. You can choose your own work or markups that have been shared with you by a colleague. Click the + sign to add; then edit at will. 

As always, don’t hesitate to let us know whenever you have questions at .


Darcy Piedmonte
Publisher Success Manager
Edelweiss+ by Above the Treeline