As most of you know, we have been hard at work for the past few months working on pool improvements. This project has included removal of deteriorating concrete around the pool edge, removal and replacement of all tiling in the gutter system and resurfacing the kiddie pool area. It is looking fantastic! We are so proud of this project and it will continue to make our pool safe and beautiful for enjoyment for our members!

Unfortunately, the project has taken our contractor longer than anticipated due to the condition of some of the concrete areas as well as an extreme delay in our tiling shipment. We have been planning this project since August of last year. We built in extra time to finish the project, but these things compounded setting the project behind by weeks and eating into our buffer window. The contractors have been working overtime for weeks to get this project completed.

As of yesterday, we have started adding water to the pool, but we have a ways to go before it is completely full, heated and chemicals are balanced for safe enjoyment for you - our members!

We will need to postpone opening the pool by one week to Saturday, May 27th. This means the first day of swim team practice for all ages will be Tuesday, May 30th. 

We know this news is disappointing and that everyone is excited for the pool to be open – trust us, we are too!

Thanks to those who responded to our call for lifeguards - we were able to secure staffing for no pool reservations needed through at least July 1st.

To help ease the disappointment, we are planning some great perks this summer - including special member events and operating hours adjustments! Stay tuned to our emails to take advantage of these exciting perks.

SO, keep the inflatables and your goggles in the bag for ONE more week! We have tennis court availability and staff available for tennis teaching – let us know if you are interested! Thanks for being the best members in Bellevue!