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Ideas to Improve Your Performance
  • Get clear each day about what you have to complete before you finish working. If you don't, email and meetings of questionable value will drain your time before you realize it's 4pm.
  • I had a conversation with Tim Ferriss, author of "The Four Hour Workweek" and he noted that great leaders are able to let "little bad things happen" in order to maintain focus on major priorities. That discussion prompted my reflections article this month.



Are you too busy?


I'm busy. I suspect you are too. Like, really busy. I hear some people are crazy busy. I feel that way sometimes too. That feeling--busy, busy, and even more busy, is what each of us needs to get away from if we really want to be productive. The same 168 hours is there for each of us in a week. Odds are you have plenty of time to do anything. But not everything. We have time. It's a matter of how we use it that separates excellent performers from their average counterparts, because time is about priority. So when you are feeling that sense of overload, the answer is not to just put your head down and keep grinding in the hope you'll get it all done. You won't. And when I see leaders do that, they tend to be worse off, simply failing to accomplish a lot of things. Better to use focus and priority to help you accomplish what has the greatest importance to you or the most significant impact on your success. Take a good hard look at where your time goes. None of us can be productive 100% of the time (nor should we be), but I'd bet you have significant time invested in small and medium sized priorities that don't have a great yield. You have the time. The bigger question is, do you have the priorities? 



A slice of life balance           

  • During the holidays it is very easy to run ragged trying to fulfill every family commitment, meet up with every friend, and attend every event. It can be an exhausting time, so don't forget to build space in to your schedule to relax and take some time for yourself. It will be January before you know it and you don't want to start 2015 feeling fatigued. 
 To all of you, a wonderful holiday season celebrating with friends, family, and loved ones.