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Ideas to Improve Your Performance
  • In any race or sporting event, getting out to an early lead can create positive momentum. Do something in January to create that momentum for yourself and avoid the post holiday doldrums. 

  • As you look ahead, establish milestones and checkpoints for the achievement of your annual goals. You don't want to get to September and be like, "oh yeah, I said I was going to get that done this year."

  • Determine where you need help. Either for your organization or you personally. What kind of assistance or advice would help you to achieve your objectives for the next year? The sooner you get it, the more time you will have to make an impact in 2014.




Focus and Win in 2014

January brings a clean slate to the start of the year. What will you do differently in 2014 that will allow you to be more successful, achieve greater result, and generally enjoy yourself more. I am suggesting for all of my clients that whatever you decide, you should do it with laser focus. Every single one of you reading this newsletter already has more to do than you are able to reasonably complete. Too often that leads to a lot of things getting done partially or poorly, neither of which helps you. So make 2014 a year where you focus. Pick a few critical things that must be completed and do them. Then select the next few things and do the same. Allot your time strategically to give your attention to those priorities, and you will find you achieve a great deal more. With my corporate clients I frequently find that they have dozens of issues masquerading as critical priorities. You likely do as well. To paraphrase Michael Porter, strategy is deciding what not to do. Decide what not to do and determine your real priorities. Then focus.



A Slice of Life Balance           

  • Take a half-day in January and do something for just you. See a movie, take a long walk, read, or listen to music, whatever. No work or family commitments. I am working with a lot of people who didn't get any down time to recharge in December and we all need it.