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Ideas to Improve Your Performance
  • If you are going to spend the mental energy thinking of a resolution, go further by determining how you are going to be accountable and what the indicators of progress will be in 45-60 days. Rarely are long-term results achieved without fast and short-term progress. (That goes for everything in your business too!)
  • Resist the urge for flawlessness in 2015. Instead, strive for improvements. Even if incremental, they add up if you make them each week.



Tabula rasa


There is something about a new year, a fresh start, and a chance to do something different, or better. It is tabula rasa, the Latin phrase for blank slate. Or as we used to say when I was a kid and things didn't go exactly as we hoped a "do-over". What is often most appealing about it, is hope. The hope is that we can do something to create some positive and intentional change to improve the outcome from the last time. Last round. Last year. And we can.


But there is rarely such thing as a blank slate because we have the knowledge and experience of what has worked and what doesn't. Unlike the origination of the term, where the wax pads used for notes by the Romans could be heated, smoothed over, and used again as fresh and new, we really aren't tabula rasa. We can use that as an advantage.


Whether it is, a new strategy, approach, or objective, or even a different direction, it is useful and productive to harness the power of that "start again from the beginning" (or new beginning) energy. But also combine it with an understanding of lessons we have learned along the way. In most of my work helping organizations to grow, it is precisely that combination that precipitates exceptional results. It is what enables you to create momentum toward goals and create the accountability needed to achieve them. 




A slice of life balance           

  • Few of the leaders I work with get enough downtime or needed relaxation during the holidays, even when they've truly enjoyed them. Plan a day off, or even a half-day, during the workweek in January, to take off specifically to do something that is recharging for you. Energy needs to be replenished.