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Ideas to Improve Your Performance
  • When working on strategy, remember that strategy is from the top down and planning is from the bottom up. That is why strategic planning is a bit of an oxymoron.   

  • Keep in mind that strategy is about creating a compelling picture of the future of the organization so that it guides the nature and direction of your business.
  • Can you clarify your strategy and use it to provide daily operating principles for your organization? If so, great. If not, get started on doing so now.

Strategic Leadership  

I recently hosted a breakfast event on the topic of strategic leadership. There were 13 senior executives in attendance from a variety of industries and, to a person, everyone agreed upon the importance of leadership and strategy in their organization. There was universal acceptance that strategy (what to do) differed greatly from tactics (how to do it,) and that a common pitfall of managers at all levels was that they too often confused the two. Another common pitfall was that they spend too much time mired in tasks and tactics and fail to spend enough time focused on strategy. The resultant impact is that organizations fail to meet their strategic objectives. It was additionally noted that it took more than sound strategy and effectively implemented tactics to make a strategy come to life, and that leaders needed to be able to connect with their people in order to bring strategy to the fore. Doing so is easier said than done, and I have frequently said that while this is common sense, it is not common practice. If you want your strategy to succeed, it will succeed because of your people. To read more about how to make strategy succeed through people, read Scott's recent Forbes article titled, Leadership is a Relational Skill.    
A Slice of Life Balance
  • Summer is here, but the pace of business doesn't seem to slow down for many of us. Make sure you take the time needed to recharge and renew. None of us can operate on full throttle 100% of the time. And if you lead people, make sure you give them the opportunity as well.
  • Summer gives you a chance to change routines-especially if you have school aged children. Embrace that and pick a new routine for the summer. Whether it is a morning walk with your family, a new workout, or watching the sunset in the evening. Change it up a little.