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Ideas to Improve Your Performance
  • Work on your reflective listening by paraphrasing your understanding of others. Do it before you respond to what you have heard and I think you will be amazed at the quality of your interactions.

  • Try getting your email inbox to zero emails at least once a week, as my friend and productivity expert David Allen advises. The sense of control that this provides you is tremendous.


  • That doesn't mean everything is "done," it never is. But don't use email as a project manager. Put the appropriate tasks on your calendar or on a list and clear out that inbox.

Applying New Ideas


Last month I spoke at The University of Maine on the topic of Inspiring Leadership. There was a nice cross-section of the student body including graduate and undergraduate students, and leaders of organizations from student government to the varsity hockey team. I was impressed by their ability to see the immediate application of leadership skills to their own environment. Some of the clients I work with struggle to "get it" and apply new skills or ideas, yet these students with little business experience seemed to grasp the concepts and quickly see their utility. It reminded me that sometimes we get caught up in the unique circumstances of our own organization, and have difficulty seeing how creative ideas that work in other situations can work in our own. It is often a matter of being open minded and looking for how something can work versus why it won't. This is especially true when you are in a leadership position because you are responsible for being a champion of change, initiating action, and creating the future. The next time you hear of an approach that is successful in another organization, consider how it could work for your own before you rule out the differences in someone else's conditions.


A Slice of Life Balance
  • Treat yourself to a first class meal, bottle of wine, massage, or something that you can do to remind yourself of the good things in life. We all work hard and you deserve some fruits for your labor beyond just paying the bills.

  • If you are feeling some burnout, don't forget to get your rest. There are reams of research emphasizing  the importance of sleep as it relates to functioning at a high level, and making good decisions.