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Ideas to Improve Your Performance
  • When making decisions, focus on the objectives of that decision and then evaluate alternatives.  


  • When it comes to deciding between alternatives, keep in mind that there are often many ways to achieve your objectives. Don't get stuck on one option.


Making The Call


As a leader, you make decisions every day that impact your organization and the people in it. Yet some of the leaders I work with have trouble being decisive. Why? Some feel they lack the information to make a good choice, others are unsure of consequences (intended or unintended,) and the list goes on. But what I see more often is that they aren't comfortable in firmly making a decision. As a result they hem and haw, seek the opinions of others, and try to build consensus, when what they ought to do is make the decision. I'm not against consensus or making full use of your resources, but too often I see it used as a guise for not having the courage to make a decision. You won't likely ever have all of the information you need, and all of the analysis in the world can't completely mitigate your risks. Do your due diligence, of course, but move to determine the course of action. And remember that there are very few decisions that can't be changed if something is not working. Inaction is a decision too, so be conscious of this as a choice of action, instead letting procrastination do it for you. Ultimately, as a leader, you need to make the call.


A Slice of Life Balance
  • Try not to eat lunch at your desk. Get up and go someplace, even if it is just the lunchroom. At least a few times a week. Bonus if you have lunch with someone else.

  • If you are having a tough time falling asleep because you are ruminating over a problem, keep a pad of paper and a pen at your bedside. Write your worry down and give yourself permission to deal with it tomorrow when you are fully rested.