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Ideas to Improve Your Performance
  • Connect the work of everyone in your organization to your strategic goals. Illustrate how their actions bring the strategy to fruition and watch productivity soar.


  • Every interaction you have with people in your organization is a chance to reinforce your strategy. Are you using those opportunities to your advantage?

  • Remember that a financial plan is not a strategy. Too many executives mistake the former for the latter. 

Does everyone in your organization know what your strategy is?


When I work with companies to formulate strategy, one of the questions I frequently ask is, "Outside of your senior executives, who else in the organization needs to understand this strategy?" It's a rhetorical question, of course, because most leaders know that the best answer is, "everyone." Getting everyone to understand your strategy is part of a successful implementation that is too frequently overlooked. So much time, effort, and energy goes into the creation of a strategy, yet it is in implementation that most fail. So when your strategy is complete, make sure that you follow through on the steps to communicate and cascade this throughout your company. After all, you want people to behave and act in a way that brings your strategy to life everyday. Figure out what level of detail is appropriate for each group of people in your company. Share it with them and translate that strategy into actions that each of them can take. Make it tangible so that it serves as a daily operating template for your business. When you've done that, then all of your work in formulating a strategy can turn into results. If you'd like to read more about strategy implementation, you can read Scott's article from Forbes, The 3 C's of Strategy.   


A Slice of Life Balance
  • Need more rest? You'll have to find a way to go to bed earlier. I know you are already sleeping as late as you can. Turn off the TV, get off email or web surfing, but stop doing whatever it is that is taking your time. 

  • Don't schedule every minute of your day with meetings. Your calendar needs some space to allow you time to think and process in order to sort things out. Humans don't work like machines.