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Ideas to Improve Your Performance
  • Make sure you have a leadership development plan that you are actively working on. It doesn't have to be anything fancy, a simple document will do, but you ought to have a couple of areas that you are working on to improve your performance.


  • Is there anything in your job that you just can't stand to do? Pick one thing that you loathe and drop it. Outsource it, delegate it, or even eliminate it. I used to hate doing expenses and I outsourced the administrative task. Do something about your albatross.


The Power of Strengths


I'm working with a group of senior executives to develop their leadership strengths as a means to driving productivity, employee engagement, and ultimately profitability. I always say that leadership is a means to an end, and that end is improving results of some kind. The philosophy that I explored with them is that great leaders are characterized by the presence of strengths, not the absence of weakness. Of course, we all have some weaknesses, we are human, but the best leaders have significant strengths that allow them to overshadow those weaknesses. One of the "a-ha moments" these senior leaders had was that great leadership does not have to mean perfection-even the best leaders have some kind of deficiency. Great leadership is about doing a few things exceedingly well. In fact, in the Harvard Business Review article I co-authored in 2011, we proved that having 3 profound areas of strength placed leaders in the top quartile of performance. What three strength areas do you possess? Do you have a development plan to hone them? Are you getting the support you need to become a great leader? Leadership is all about results, so if you want to be an excellent leader, you ought to be focused on developing your strengths.  


Want more on the topic?  Click here for our video summary page and then scroll down to the third clip to watch Scott give his management tip to"Develop your Strengths, Not your Weaknesses".  


A Slice of Life Balance
  • Make some plans to spend time with friends or a group of friends soon. Even the introverted among us needs some social interaction. And make sure you tell those friends how valued they are to you. You will both feel good.   

  • Check out a live performance of some kind. A play, a concert, a local comedy club, anything. Watch how much the performers enjoy what they are doing and see if you can cultivate that passion in your work.