Administrative Eyecare: Editorial Preview

Editorial Preview

Sep/Oct 2020 Issue

The Administrative Eyecare Sep/Oct 2020 issue focuses on adding a new business line to your practice—When is the right time? What do you need to know? Where do you start?—and other critical topics such as providing necessary eyecare during the COVID-19 quarantine, protecting internet-linked medical technologies from cybercriminals, managing and mentoring remote workers, and marketing dry eye treatments. The deadline to reserve space for this issue is July 21, 2020, and materials are due August 3, 2020.

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Cover Story

Adding a new subspecialty to your practice

Synopsis: How can a practice decide whether to add a new subspecialty? What are the key issues to consider before moving forward—and afterward? Here, expert consultants and administrators offer advice and insights.


Leadership log: Drive-up IOP checks–Providing necessary eyecare during COVID-19 quarantine

Synopsis: Even amid statewide quarantines, some patients still needed to be examined. Here, how one practice used telehealth to serve its patients.

Advanced administration: Transitioning to an encore career

Synopsis: When an administrator embraced her career change as a learning opportunity and a chance to reinvent herself, she found a new beginning and an opportunity to share her knowledge, skills, and abilities in new and helpful ways.

Business operations: Q&A with a seasoned retina administrator

Synopsis: A highly credentialed and seasoned administrator with experience in a retina practice offers helpful advice to administrators charged with adding that specialty to their ophthalmology practice.

Customer care: If you don’t see the whole picture, what parts of the picture are you missing?

Synopsis: The good news is that inattentional blindness can be replaced with positive practices to improve your communication patterns—and make the time you share at work much more gratifying.

HR: Tools for managing remote workers

Synopsis: Remote working opportunities can expand business’ reach. However, they may also require managers to grow their management styles and communication patterns to be effective. Here’s what you need to know.

InfoTech: Think big—Protecting the supply chain

Synopsis: Perspectives on how to protect the internet-linked technologies for EHRs, patient portals, prescription orders, lab results, medical devices, payment systems, and more that cybercriminals want to exploit.

Marketing minute: Marketing dry eye treatments

Synopsis: Chronic dry eye isn’t typically treatable with quick and cheap methods, but patients need to understand the types of dry eye and truly effective treatment options to justify the cost of advanced treatments. That’s where marketing comes in.

Reimbursement: Medicare revalidation that went wrong

Synopsis: Here, a cautionary tale about a practice that was deactivated, their subsequent appeals, and how it all turned out.

Technicians: One small popcorn, 6 game tokens, and a ton of education

Synopsis: A continuing education program for ophthalmic technicians with a carnival theme was so successful that it’s on track to become a regular part of this practice’s technician training.

COE Corner: My road to COE certification

Synopsis: Achieving the Certified Ophthalmic Executive credential allowed this administrator to become more confident in her role and begin to view challenges as fun rather than fearsome.

Making the case: You, me, and a screen—Mentoring from afar

Synopsis: Though practices are beginning to reopen, times remain uncertain. Practice leaders’ efforts to continue providing heightened support and guidance to staff are even more important as we navigate through this time of transition.

ASC: Surviving the nursing shortage–What we can learn from hospitals

Synopsis: Unless ASCs distinguish themselves from the competition by following the lead hospitals have gained regarding the treatment and consideration of RNs, cases might be canceled and ORs closed.

Optical: Dispensary recovery = Review, re-evaluate, reset

Synopsis: Resetting goals to align with benchmarks in these three areas will ensure your dispensary comes out of crisis operationally more efficient and more profitable.

Peer to Peer: How are you maintaining or improving volume with respect to laser-assisted cataract surgery and lifestyle IOLs conversions?

Synopsis: Administrators share their insights.

Space reservation deadline: July 21, 2020

Materials due: August 3, 2020

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