June 14, 2020 ~ Building Community One Positive Story at a Time
Sight Words
Resident Nora Byron Dolan and her children have taken many walks around the neighborhood since having to stay home more. On these walks, they've come across many rocks with painted words on them. The kids would always like to stop and read these. They found a few extra rocks and painted early learner "sight words." On June 7th, they placed those rocks around Carver Pond in hopes that they would help some other children and parents both learn and exercise.

Let's see if we can get more Bridgewater residents to paint rocks to help their children make fun sentences while out adventuring!
Historical Tidbit:

The town has been remarkable for its attention to education, both public and private.   
Mr. Keith and Elder Brett, in the very infancy of the settlement, procured a subscription of about £12 to be paid in Indian corn, for the use of the college at Cambridge.   
Assessments were also formerly made very liberally, both in the town and the parishes, for the maintenance of common schools.  The interest of learning has always been cherished here, and its importance duly appreciated.
There is in the south parish an academy, established, and the trustees of it incorporated, February 28, 1799.  The half township of land granted by the general court as an endowment, was sold for $5,000.  The building was erected by individuals who subscribed $3,000 for that purpose.  It has always had the reputation of a good seminary of instruction, and is still well patronized and in a flourishing condition.  The Hon. John A. Shaw is the present preceptor.

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Academy Building Municipal Offices
 66 Central Square 
Mon - Thur 8a - 4p, Fri 8a - 1p Services available through phone, email & website only
Check Town website for needed updates
Public Library
15 South Street
Mon - Wed 9a - 8p 
Thurs 10a - 5p, Fri & Sat 10a - 2p
Cole-Yeaton Senior Center
10 Wally Krueger Way
The Bridgewater Senior Center is closed to the public. However, the following services will continue: Meals on Wheels and medical appointment/grocery store transportation services.
Food Pantry
Central Square Congregational Church
71 Central Square
Thursdays - 10a - 1p
1st Monday of each month from 6 - 8 p
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Since its inception, your BuzzAround has built bridges across divides: our focus on the goodness of all humanity.
We bridge generational, religious and social divides. Diversity and inclusion within each community are the building blocks of our message as we share stories and events that show, time and again, that empathy and compassion are core to the human experience. In sharing these stories, we can truly see our neighbors, appreciate our similarities and understand where and why we differ.  

Thankfully, our U.S. Constitution allows for freedoms so that we can express ourselves and make the changes necessary to build a fair and just society. We believe our way of life is dependent on all people being served equal justice. It has been proven clear that our criminal justice system is not color blind. There is systemic racism built into the fabric of our institutions at every level, disadvantaging and discriminating against people of color in ways that go beyond individual intent to discriminate, and so we need to educate ourselves and change our systems.

What we are seeing is the public expression of pain and outrage. It is good that Black people know that they are worthy. It is good that we live in a society that allows for freedom of speech and assembly. It is good that people of all colors educate themselves, stand together and have empathy. 
The majority desire to protest peacefully to draw attention, educate, motivate change, stand together and act from a place of power and love. Also, saying Black lives matter is not in opposition to the importance of lives of our law enforcement personnel. BuzzAround promotes & supports goodness in all humanity. While the narrative of violence and destruction is dominating media coverage, in your BuzzAround, you will continue to see good news, including the efforts communities are making toward positive change and the stories of people of all colors, ages, interests and religions doing good. 

If you would like to provide access to education and basic needs to those hardest effected: please contribute to Brockton Library Foundation & United Way Brockton Together Fund. If you would like to support legal reforms NAACP Legal Defense Fund.
Food 4 Vets
Food Drive
Wed, June 17th
10a – 12p
COA / The Center at Sachem Rock 355 Plymouth St., EB
The Massachusetts Military Support Foundation is proud to partner with the Cape Cod Military Support Foundation, Big Nick’s Ride for the Fallen, and local Veteran and Military Family supporters as we provide 14 Day Meal Kits for East Bridgewater area Veterans and Military Families in need.

Each Meal Kit contains non-perishable food items that will provide two weeks worth of healthy meals.
For additional information please visit www.massmilitarysupportfoundation.org .

1. Pre-Registration is required and can be done easily by clicking F ood4Vets form
2. Arrive in Parking Lot at the COA
3. Stay INSIDE vehicle
4. Open Trunk
5. 14 Day Meal Kit will be placed inside trunk by a Volunteer with PPE
6. Drive away


To find out about the event go here: Facebook event page.
Happy Pride Month!
At the Bridgewater Senior Center, our mission is to promote the emotional, physical and economic well being of older adults and to encourage their participation in all aspects of community life. We believe in supporting diversity, inclusion, access, and equality for everyone.
As a way to celebrate LGBTQ Pride Month, we’re offering the LGBTQ community a delicious lunch on us. Please email me for details.
Emily Williams
Bridgewater Council on Aging
Cole-Yeaton Senior Center
A Bridgewater Christmas to Remember
Christmas Eve was always an event to remember. My mother’s Portuguese family consisted of 12 brothers and sisters with strong ethnic traditions of family gatherings. The most memorable of all was Christmas. Preparations for the celebration would begin with our mother trying to get us to take a nap after lunch so we could stay up very late on Christmas Eve without getting too grumpy. As you would probably guess no kid can sleep on the day before Christmas Eve with all of that excitement to look forward to. Before going down to the “house” we would eat a light supper at home.
Around 5 PM we would travel to my grandmother’s and the other cousins would arrive one by one, until the whole gang was there. In the corner of the living room was a display that my Grandmother would set up each year. It was a manger scene but not your ordinary one. To call it ordinary would like calling a Newport mansion a summer cottage.
A month or so before Christmas Eve she would start little pots of rye- grass that were placed around a group of beautiful ceramic figurines. In the center was baby Jesus, bigger in scale than all of the other figures, but after all, he is what it’s all about. All around the display was a series of unique little lights. Many of the lights had a short, little glass tube on it, filled with a colored liquid that would have little bubbles coming up. She put hours into arranging it and it was quite a display. I am sure my description does not do the display justice but only because I saw through the eyes of a little boy. It was a lot bigger than me, unlike any manger scene, I had ever seen in anybody’s living room. Read More

Ed note: Huge thanks to David Moore for submitting this for our Good News contest.
Bridgewater Alumni Association Calls for Nominations
Time is running out! Annually, the BAA presents several awards to distinguished alumni, faculty, staff and friends of the university - people who have made an impact in our community through their work or service to others.
To nominate an alumnus, please follow this link and complete the nomination form.
Deadline is July 1st, 2020.
Voter Registration Before Town Election
The Annual Town Election is set for Saturday, June 27th . The last day to register to vote for that election is Wednesday June 20th. For anyone not already registered to vote, the Town Clerk's Office will provide in-person registration from 2-4p and 7-8p outdoors at the Academy Building (66 Central Square) on Wednesday June 20th .
Working hard to make patients comfortable & healthy!

Physical distancing • spaced appointments
• bacterial cleaning between patients. 

Take care of yourself – See your chiropractor today!
63 Main Street, Bridgewater (508) 697-0050
Kindness Rock Project
Scattered around the grounds of the library you will find kindness rocks.  Take one, share one or leave one. Participate in this random art of kindness. Get instructions on our new YouTube Channel! Make sure you subscribe to the channel so you don't miss out on any of our videos.

Subscribe here .
Bridgewater Library Fights Racism
Reading Guide for Fighting Racism
For those who want to take anti-racist action but don't know where to begin, here is a listing of books to get you started: { click here to go to the website}. Many are available on Overdrive and Hoopla.

Children's books are one of the most effective ways for initiating conversations. Children's book list on Racism:
We have mulch, stone, loam, feed & grain and we're open for many other essential items for your home and garden!
Please call with your order and drive up.

 1000 Plymouth St (Rt 104) Bridgewater 
(508) 697-0357

Bridgewater's Annual 4th of July T-shirt Contest
Every year Bridgewater's 4th of July committee puts on a t-shirt contest. Submissions for this year are officially open! They ask for submissions from the community and their sales are a fundraiser for the parade and fireworks. While these events are not taking place due to COVID-19, they'd like to keep the t-shirt contest tradition going! The rules are that the shirt must have "Bridgewater" and "2020." Due to limited supplies and a short time frame, they will close submissions June 1st, so enter soon!

You can submit your entries via email to Lisa@BridgewaterMa4th.com or you can mail it to 91 Atkinson Dr. facebook.com/Bridgewater-MA-4th-of-July.
Grant's sends out support & care to all of our communities.
We're all in this together.

10 Bedford Park, Bridgewater
 (508) 279-0950

Celebrate International Yoga Day with BLISS THROUGH YOGA
on June 21st!
Free Programs via Zoom:

Guided Relaxation @ 8:30 am
Intro to Svaroopa® Yoga @ 9:30 am

Contact Janice to register

Find YOUR bliss at Bliss Through Yoga!

Yoga for the Rest of Us!

(508) 331-3564
The 4th of JULY Committee
"Patriotic House" Contest !!
We want you to decorate for the 4th !!! Show us your patriotic pride!!
We will be compiling a list of the addresses and encourage the Bridgewater Community to visit them!!
YES there will be prizes!!
First prize will be $250 in gift cards.
Second prize will be $100 in gift cards.
Third prize will be $50 in gift cards.
And who knows if we get a big enough response - we might expand the categories!!!!
**ALL gift cards will be to local Bridgewater businesses!!
So start your planning!
Direct Mechanical
“Your Full Solutions Provider”

HVAC – Residential - Commercial 
Water and Air Purification –
Sales - Installation - Service 
Air and Surface Sanitation 
Eradicate viruses, bacteria, mold and mildew, eliminate harmful odors! 
(774) 297-4697 
~Womens Owned Business~ 
Get in Shape for Women
in Bridgewater

Our studio has been disinfected, painted, & redesigned to keep our clients separate
& safe upon return.
We look forward to coaching you
when the studio re-opens in Phase 3.
Until then, we have added workout options to our virtual training!
Our goal is to keep you moving
& engaged!
180 Winter St., Bridgewater 
(across from Chatta Box)
  Contact Stephanie at 508-697-2900   
Email us:  getinshapeforwomen
Bridgewater Strong: Standing Up For Justice
Bridgewater residents have been gathering to show their support for the Black Lives Matter movement in response to the recent death of George Floyd on the green on the Bridgewater Common. The group made several signs to peacefully protest for justice and peace, and to stand in solidarity with people of color.
Photo credits: Frances Jefffries & J. Rose
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The Buzz Around is brought to you this week by   Jen Bellody, Janice O'Brien, Jacquelyn Rose, & Kayla Rose.
This year has been very challenging for all of us humans. We like familiarity & comfort. We have had to learn so many new ways of relating to our world: get educated,grow, change... get educated, grow, change, to live together in community.
Here it is time to educate ourselves, grow and change again: With that in mind, I watched this video (which really breaks down the white experience in an easily understandable way), reflected, and put together my personal statement.
"I am white. It took me a long time to understand that this is more than ' bad people' doing 'bad things' because I was raised with white privilege. Now I see race. I try not to be color blind because that diminishes the experiences of others. Everyone has different experiences walking through this world. 

That’s my beginning, as I dive deeper into my own background I embrace my Portuguese heritage and how immigrants continue to be labeled as trouble and stupid. I embrace my Catholic heritage and know from the first colonies through 1940’s and beyond anti-Catholicism is deeply rooted in American culture. Because of this it's easier for me to empathize, and know we, as a country, have a lot to fix.

Since the beginning of our country we have created a justice ( and housing and educational) system which harasses and intimidates and creates barriers to success for people of color. 
My first step was to educate myself, and so I share this 20 min video. It was super helpful in helping me understand.
~ Jacquie
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