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Welcome to our inaugural edition of the Educate & Elevate eNews. Our campaign is a proactive approach to educating policy makers about the importance of adult education and how it is an investment in America's future. This eNews will keep you abreast of campaign toolkit materials, timing of special events and updates on funding that affects our work. Join our 55K+ adult educators standing strong to let our voices be heard and our stories told. Click here to check out the resources on our campaign website and our upcoming live webinar schedule.



New Educate and
Elevate Fact S heet  
Filled with quotable resources,
our new fact sheet demonstrates to
policy makers why adult education is an Investment in America's future and
makes the case for  support.


Adult Education Innovation! 
Educators across the country are developing
new ways to manage the complexities of
helping adult students elevate themselves through education. From stress reduction programs, to employer partnership strategies, Adult educators are getting creative! 

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